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A 3rd of a cord, tossed in the back of a fifty percent ton choose up, that has actually an 8 foot bed (haven"t watched an 8 foot fifty percent ton van on the roadway in while) barley fits. So my poll is oh hell no.Sent from my SM-G930V making use of Tapatalk
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I have done it with a 1 ton 8 foot box and box rails top top the front and sidesVery huge load would certainly not introduce it . For countless years lugged homewood stacked in a 8 ft. Box safe load 3/4 cord My brief box half ton take away ahalf that a cord really nicely

As formerly stated, just with side boards top top at least 2 political parties & preferably a headache rack to preserve your back window. I number a slightly mounded fill in one 8’ box is around 1/2 cord, that’s every cord calculator.
Holy cow, ns am not certain I would desire to drive the 1/2 mile the end of the ar & a couple of miles home. Pretty certain I deserve to hear the frame, springs & shocks groaning in protest. Thought probably I simply heard a tire blow.
There is a member on one more site that loads his 88 K1500 like that pretty regularly! come answer OP, yes, together the others have actually said, a full cord will certainly fit on a 3/4 HD or 1 ton if stack tightly to the top of the cab...I"ve done it...truck was probably a lil overloaded but handled the pretty well. Correct I had actually sideboards on and a board across the former of the bed to defend the window...would have actually been ugly in a crash though!
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Your concern is simple, the answer is yes yet not in ~ the standard bedsides. I regularly haul 1 cord of lumber in mine F350 shortbed through sideboards. It"s a straightforward math formula. One cord is 128 cubic feet. Obtain your tape measure up out and also figure out just how tall you should stack above the bedrails.
The weight wasn’t part of the question. Neither to be the types of wood. Balsa? Or the longevity that the van or adjustments required. Can it fit, yes. Even in a Toyota if you ridge it high.
I deserve to fit a face cord in mine 6"6" box, rounds are simpler than break-up when stacking to the roof. Sent from my SM-G930V making use of Tapatalk
The load wasn’t part of the question. Neither to be the types of wood. Balsa? Or the longevity of the van or changes required.Can it fit, yes. Also in a Toyota if you stack it high.

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I execute not know any one who would usage "BALSA" together Fire hardwood The original question to be "Will a cord that firewood fit in a pickup?"

I perform not know any kind of one that would use "BALSA" as Fire WoodThe original question was "Will a cord of firewood to the right in a pickup?"
To which mine answer would be yes.Driving the truck almost everywhere while the cord was in the ago would be an additional story entirely....
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