I understand 75(base8) = 61(base10), yet I can"t easily find the formula because that this. Exactly how does one transform from basic 8 to base 10?



To convert any kind of base to basic 10 simply do the following:

For every number in the various base multiply the by the base and digit. For example:

75 (base 8) = 7*8^1 + 5*8^0 = 61 functions for any type of base ... Binary, hex, you name it simply do that and also it will convert to base 10.

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The formula is 18 = 110 and 108 = 810. Every little thing else can be obtained from that.

If you have a sequence of basic 8 number you desire to convert to a basic 10 number, process them indigenous left come right, keeping a complete you initialize in ~ zero. For each digit x, set the total to 8*total+x. After handling the critical digit, the full will be the basic ten worth of the base 8 sequence.

75 in basic 8 = 5*8^0 + 7*8^1 = 5 + 56 = 61

In general, to convert the number a_1a_2a_3...a_n from base k to basic 10, use the formula:

a_n*k^0 + a_(n-1)*k^1 + ... + a_1*k^(n-1).

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