One argued "arándanos rojos" for cranberries, and "arándanos azules" because that blueberries.

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What space the words for such fruits in



I"m acquisition as granted the you desire to understand the difference in between cranberries and also blueberries in


You are correct. The usual translations room "arándanos rojos" and "arándanos azules"

In this web page you could find much more info in

Both berries have actually this scientific names "Vaccinium oxycoccus" because that "rojos" and also "Vaccinium corymbosum" because that the "azules" where the totality vaccinium family members is referred to as in "arándanos" o "bayas".

There are more than just blues and also reds. There is also other colors like black (it is really dark red or dark purple) and also those we contact them "moras"

If you search images for "bayas" friend will check out all kinds of berries.


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