Tyne Daly's appearance as the soused, over-sexed mam of a bullying, towering sporting activities magnate provides the formulaic "Columbo" a helpful lift. With Peter Falk's Lt. Columbo much less eccentric than usual and also Jackson Gillis' teleplay one outlandish puzzle, "Columbo," running against same-time crime forays on CBS and NBC, renders a great bid because that ratings.

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Tyne Daly’s appearance together the soused, over-sexed mam of a bullying, towering sports magnate provides the formulaic “Columbo” a advantageous lift. With Peter Falk’s Lt. Columbo much less eccentric than usual and Jackson Gillis’ teleplay an outlandish puzzle, “Columbo,” running versus same-time crime forays top top CBS and also NBC, provides a good bid because that ratings.

Dolores’ (Daly) husband, big Fred (Steve Forrest), dies in a hit-and-run accident before his no-good nephew Harold (Greg Evigan) deserve to dispatch him through a pipebomb. Harold, in L.A. On the run from a las vegas mobster, has been playing footsie v the larger Dolores over the years and thinks he’s gained the upper hand , what with big Fred the end of the game.

Police Lt. Robertson (Frank McRae, offering his function a good spin) starts to investigate Fred’s death. Along for the ride: Lt. Columbo (played through subdued trust by Peter Falk).

Evigan proves an effective weakling, and G.F. Smith turns in an amusing comedy little as a roll Royce clerk (though it’s no clear why pedestrians obtain such a boot the end of Columbo trying to squeeze self under a showroom auto). Forrest offers his customary authority, and the rest of the cast is top-notch. Vince McEveety’s direction is resourceful.

Abc Sunday Night Movie Columbo: A Bird in the Hand

(Sun.(22), 9-11 p.m., ABC-TV)

Production:Filmed at universal Studios and also on locations roughly L.A. By universal TV. Exec producer, Peter Falk; producer, Christopher Seiter; director, Vince McEveety; writer, Jackson Gillis; creators, Richard Levinson, william Link.

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Crew:Camera, George Koblasa; editor, bill Parker; art director, Hugo Santiago; sound, cutting board E. Allen; music, cock De Benedictis; production designer, invoice Ross.Cast:Cast: Peter Falk, Tyne Daly, Greg Evigan, candid McRae, Don S. Davis, Leon Singer, Michael Gregory, Steve Forrest, Stephen Liska, G.F. Smith, Carol Swarbrick, Ed McCready, john Petlock, Joel Beeson, Kay Perry, Joanna Sanchez, Bebe Louie. Music By: