Laminate flooring has actually taken over a large percentage the the timber flooring market. Although no an actual timber product, it is often seen together such, since it is made come look choose wood. But much like the imprinted timber grain vinyl i m sorry is provided in low-cost furniture, laminate flooring is only printed to look favor wood; it is not usually wood.

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On the various other hand, true hardwood floors or even engineered hardwood floors room all wood. The an easy difference in between these 2 is the solid hardwood floors room ¾” thick pink of wood, which have actually been tongue and also grooved so the they deserve to interlock throughout installation. Engineered hardwood floors laminate a slim layer that hardwood to a plywood substrate, which is then cut with the tongue and also groove for installation.

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Laminate floors offer a more cost-effective, while quiet attractive solution for those who have to be budget-conscious around their house décor. It gives them the capacity to have the appearance of hardwood floors, there is no the expense.

However, over there is a definite difference in quality between these products. While laminate floors are made come look like hardwood floors, and do a pretty good job of it, they space not. The imprinted class of the laminate is thin and can come to be damaged or worn. In comparison to this, engineered hardwood floors can be easy sanded and also refinished a couple of times and hardwood floors have the right to be heavily sanded and refinished several times over. This difference increases the importance of protecting laminate floors.

Many master wonder if the is encourage to seal laminate floors. The quick answer is “yes,” but there’s a lot more to this task than merely picking up a an easy can of sealer and painting it onto your brand-new laminate. As soon as properly sealed, laminate floors resist spills far better and offer greater durability. This means a better, longer-lasting floor because that you to enjoy through the years to come.

Sealing Laminate Floors: The Pros and also Cons

This fast list of pros and also cons will help you decide whether you’d choose to leave her installation as-is, or go forward through the job of using sealant come laminate flooring.


The ideal sealant gives excellent pour out protection.Sealant is inexpensive.It’s easy to apply sealant come a laminate floor.


Some laminate flooring brands room not draft to be sealed.Laminate floors have the right to be slippery and also dangerous as soon as sealant is used to the whole floor.When sealant is applied to laminate flooring against manufacturer’s recommendations, the floor warranty might be voided.

The sealing process starts through the surroundings of the flooring. You should always use a PVA form II glue once installing laminate flooring. This provides sealing because that the room between planks. Constantly buy this adhesive in a bottle through a nozzle, together this permits you to regulate exactly how much adhesive comes out. You don’t desire it comes up between the seams, to the allude where the is visible on the surface ar of her floor.

Never use floor sealant end a floor that has actually been waxed; the sealant will certainly not stick. If the floor has ever been waxed, the wax will should be totally removed, before any type of sealant can be applied. Normal floor-stripper deserve to be offered to eliminate the wax. Just be certain to do a thorough job, as the wax could not come up with the very first application the stripper.

Just the Edges!

There space a few guides the end there which recommend using a coat of waxy polish or sealant to whole laminate floor. While there might be part brands of laminate that work with this kind of sealant, most manufacturers recommend staying clear of the applications of sealant to an entire laminate floor. The reason for this is the the majority of laminate flooring brand are produced with a thin layer that plastic materials covering the layer with the lumber grain sample on it. This peak layer is currently moisture-resistant, making that non-porous, so over there is nothing because that the sealant come absorb into and bond with. The fiberboard cores are usually defended with polymers and also waxes, and also once the laminate pieces have actually been appropriately locked together, moisture won’t penetrate right into the core.

Now the you understand that you’re turn off the hook when it concerns sealing the whole floor, which sections of your laminate flooring need sealant?

The answer counts on the floor location and the likelihood the spills. Many manufacturers introduce sealing the perimeter of the laminate floor, at the very least in areas where spills can occur. Sealing the perimeter avoids water from getting to the leaf of the floor and making its method underneath the laminate boards, where it can be soaked up by the core. If this happens, swelling and also damage deserve to occur, and this can eventually lead come the need for a i have lot of money replacement.

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In addition, you might want to seal the seams in high-spill areas, favor the area in former of a sink. When this is no absolutely necessary, that will boost the life of the flooring, which is the entirety purpose that the exercise. Clear silicone caulking is better for sealing any type of seams in laminate flooring, than polyurethane is, giving a waterproof seal the will probably outlast the flooring itself.

Essential Materials

There space two an easy types that sealants offered for laminate floors: silicone caulking and polyurethane coating. Before choosing to use either, the is a good idea to inspect the information listed by the flooring manufacturer, to see what is compatible through the floor. There room specialty laminate sealers obtainable as well. Because that example, Pergo supplies floor sealant in different colors to match the laminate that it offers. These sealants aren’t compatible with all of Pergo’s flooring choices, though. Most brands are compatible v 100 percent silicone caulk; buy may not it is in compatible with other sealers.

Please keep in mind that you should buy sealant with a sheen that matches the finish on your floor. If you usage a level urethane finish on a floor through a high-gloss coating, it will certainly be obvious and make the look favor the edges of her floor are dirty.

The tools you’ll require will count a many on the sort of sealant you are using. Silicone caulk will call for a caulk pistol to use sealant to laminate floors, and a putty knife to remove excess caulking. Polyurethane sealants should be brushed on, together you would when finishing architecture trim.

Some people pick to use a repaint roller, fairly than a brush for using polyurethane finishes. This deserve to be done, but you need a short-nap roller to use it, preferably a mohair whizz roller. Many world recommend foam rollers for urethane finishes, but they tend to create a many bubbles.

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How come Seal Laminate Flooring the best Way

The best way to seal laminate floors is to begin by removing any kind of baseboards that could be in place, so the your sealant can also protect the edge of the laminate that boundaries the expansion space between the laminate and the structure alongside it. This additionally provides an ext security for the sealant together well, providing it something come grip to, fairly than just having it sit on optimal of the laminate whereby it’s most likely to peel off.

Be sure to check out the instructions on the laminate floor sealant container, prior to beginning. You should uncover notes about pre-cleaning the floor, ensuring that the surface ar is totally dry prior to getting started, and also perhaps some information around working within an optimal temperature range.If you must remove baseboards, be sure to do so carefully, so that it can be reinstalled. If the baseboard is painted, you may need to reduced the paint and also caulking with a utility knife, whereby the baseboard meets the wall, as well as where the meets other pieces of baseboard and also door casing.

For making use of urethane or polyurethane sealants

When the floor is ready, open your sealant. Utilizing a small, organic bristle brush, apply a line of sealant all the way around the perimeter the the room, being sure to sheathe the whole area that will certainly be spanned by the baseboard, as well as at least ¼” out from the baseboard.If you room sealing the seams between boards, carry out this as soon as you have completed the perimeter. Setup out her work, so the you don’t repaint yourself into a corner. Your little brush need to be narrow enough to allow sealing the seams, without paint over the bulk of the board. Take it time to be neat, as you only need a slim line of sealant in ~ the seam, no to cover half the board.

For using silicone caulk

For sealing v silicone caulking, you’ll desire to cut the smallest feasible hole in the end of the caulk tube. Squeeze the end the caulking, while to run it end the seam, making use of the seam itself as a overview for the caulking tube.Go ago over the caulking with a wet finger, gloved finger (rubber glove), or putty knife to smooth out the caulking and remove excess. Girlfriend don’t desire to finish up with any kind of caulking difficult up above the level that the floor, particularly in the center of the room.

For both varieties of sealant

Remove floor vent covers and seal the area between the leaf of the laminate flooring and also the subfloor. Permit the sealant dried per the manufacturer’s instructions before replacing the vent covers. This way, girlfriend won’t damages the sealant next time you remove the vent covers for cleaning.When the sealant is dry, change your baseboards. It is not advisable come reuse nails, as there is a high probability of lock bending during the removed process. Baseboard is usually set up with 18 ga. 2” complete nails.Once the baseboard is reinstalled, putty the pond holes, allow the putty come dry and then apply one more coating of paint or varnish to the baseboard come seal it and also hide the truth that the baseboard has been removed and reinstalled.

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How much Time walk It require to Seal Laminate Floors?

This is a fast project! depending on the size of her room, suppose to invest an hour or two, minus any extr time needed for the sealant to dry.