A teenage boy attended hisend-of-school party dressed together a girl and also he to be crowned Prom Queen.

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Xavier Parkins, 15, take it six hours to obtain ready, law his own make-up, and also putting top top his quick pink strapless dress the he designed with the help of a dressmaker. The wore matching heels and did his own hair and nails for the outingat proud Park stadion in Derby.

His whole look was such a hit the he was voted Prom Queen by fellow pupils at Lees Brook ar School.


His mum Sharnee, 45, reaction proudly to she son's win, saying: "I’m completely humbled, i can’t imagine wherein you acquire the courage in ~ the period of 15 to do that, it is therefore brave. His friend were really supportive. A few people weren’t happy because that him but that was outweighed by the positive feedback.''

"Xav was hoping to obtain the finest Dressed award due to the fact that it isn’t gender-biased, yet he did speak he’d love to obtain Prom Queen.

"It was his peers who voted because that him i beg your pardon is an accolade since it takes a the majority of courage for them come come out and also support it as well."

Sharnee added that Xavier’s brothers space "so proud"and her eldest child texted Xavier ~ above the day of his prom to say "I love you".


Xavier and his brothers

She said: "I constantly say come him, if you’re happy at home you deserve to cope through anything. Dressing up is a recreation activity for him. Through it gift Pride month as well it’s even much more poignant, if that can help one person who is struggling with their sexuality. He desires to be a drag Queen yet he’s very academic as well so he could do anything. He’s acquired a an extremely wise head on his shoulders."

According to metro UK, Xavier claimed he generally does his make-up in ~ home, and also has only dressed in traction in public once he performed in ~ a charity occasion to advanced funds for a young young who had actually cancer.

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Reacting to his prom look, Xavier said: "It was rather scary at first, however when ns walked in everyone said ‘you look therefore good’. Among my teacher was acquisition photos with people and he didn’t know who ns was. Once he later found out it was me, it was amazing. Some lads were saying things around me, but I didn’t yes, really care.

"I really wanted to win Prom Queen to cause a stir due to the fact that it would be so unexpected."