Do you get a bit nervous when you see someone twitch or blink in public? If so, girlfriend probably have a little bit of MSD, magic stress disorder. It originates from watching Bewitched and I Dream that Jeannie reruns. Today, ns am attempting to clear up the long-debated Jeannie vs Samantha question. Allow me state first that ns am not considering the “who is hotter” question. That argument has to be going top top for five decades and also is a personal preference, therefore I’ll proceed to allow those people who care and have one opinion dispute that issue. Also, both ladies could provide any wish, therefore it’s not about what they could do for someone else by blinking or twitching for say a million dollars.

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My goal was to decide, native a mortal perspective, that would be the much better woman to have a relationship with, it is in it a spouse, best friend, neighbor, or PTA co-chair.


There to be a lot of similarities in the two shows. Bewitched started in 1964 and ran it rotates 1972. I Dream that Jeannie debuted in 1965 and was cancelled in 1970, but had its beginnings in the movie, The Brass Bottle, a 1964 comedy about a contemporary man that accidentally acquires the friendship the a long-out-of-circulation genie. The starred Burl Ives, Tony Randall, and also Barbara Eden. In this version, Ives is the genie, and Eden is Randall’s girlfriend, however it offered Sidney Sheldon the idea for the television series.



Also, both reflects center approximately a relationship where the woman has actually magic powers, and also the man needs to live through the consequences.

In the situation of Bewitched, Darrin drops in love with Samantha and proposes prior to he to learn she is a witch; v I Dream that Jeannie, significant Nelson finds Jeannie’s party on a beach after a an are landing and also then feels prefer he is “stuck” through her.

That said, stop look at Life Issues, Friends and Family Issues, and also Magic worries to shot to recognize who would be the far better person to have actually as part of your life.

Life Issues. In the area that life issues, i think most civilization would agree that Samantha understands life in the 20th century joined States. Jeannie has to do some observing and reading to learn what that form of life means and different ideas confuse her, bring about some uncomfortable instances for Tony.


Samantha lives a relatively normal life. She has taught herself to it is in a “regular” housewife. She cooks, cleans, and also shops prefer her friends. Jeannie spends her days holed up at Anthony’s house, and no one can know she is there. Concerned that is the reality that the bulk of the time, Samantha wears the same form of apparel as everyone else in her community.

Jeannie does get to wear an ext fashionable apparel from time to time, but most of the time is spent in she pink harem outfit.

Another variable is just how much damage could be excellent to their spouse’s career of come a girlfriend or family member. Darrin is an proclaiming executive; really, over there is not a lot of damages Sam can do. She can cause a client to leaving the firm, yet that’s not as well significant. With major Nelson gift an astronaut, there space a lot of of troubles Jeannie can develop when she pulls him into and out of outer an are or reasons NASA staff to concern Tony’s integrity as an astronaut.


One that the biggest problems for Tony to be Jeannie’s quick temper. While Samantha frequently was dissatisfied about specific things, Jeannie was a bit an ext vindictive. Samantha might reason someone that was gift treated unfair to get a skill they didn’t really have, normally a hopeful action. Jeannie was generally mad in ~ Tony, and often the difficulty involved an additional woman, so Tony is the one who generally was put right into a attention or complicated situation. She can send the to another century or placed him in a torture chamber.

A last life factor, which would certainly have much more repercussions in today’s society media period than in the sixties, is that Jeannie walk not present up in photos. That expected she would have to blink a clone or add another complication like ruining the movie to store her invisibility a secret.

There to be a lot of family and also friend problem that likewise come right into play ~ above this question. Samantha was not concealed from Darrin’s friends and family members, only her witchcraft was preserved secret. That additionally became true for Jeannie after ~ she and also Tony Nelson married in the final season, however in the first four years there were frequently plots wherein Jeannie had actually to be defined or hidden, leading to much confusion. I get it Healy did recognize of Jeannie’s presence which can be a optimistic or negative. I get it could aid Tony keep her surprise or acquire Jeannie’s aid when necessary, but occasionally he additionally caused troubles by make the efforts to acquire Jeannie to perform things because that him Anthony could not grant of.

Both women had actually to deal with another character that was suspiciously and constantly on the lookout to gain an “a-ha” moment. In the case of Bewitched, Gladys Kravitz knew there were part strange things happening at the Stephens’ household.

She to be constantly do the efforts to peek in the home window or record some proof when things appeared not rather right. However, she husband Abner thought she to be crazy and also didn’t give any credence to she hare-brained schemes for this reason she continued to be a not authorised busybody.

In Jeannie’s case, Dr. Bellows was a psychiatrist and also was likewise alarmed at points he experienced or learned about significant Nelson. His wife Amanda to be a co-conspirator, often trying to aid him discover the reality behind what was going on.

Family Issues. Both Tony and Darrin had actually to attend to some wacky and quirky relatives.

Tony was compelled to follow some much more powerful relatives who were fierce and could cause great harm; they often showed approximately threaten Tony. Darrin to be really only threatened by his mother-in-law Endora.

She frequently put a order on that that influenced his looks and made it difficult for the to explain what was happening, but Samantha was constantly able to convince her to make things right. That was maybe inconvenienced by several of her various other relatives. Return he can be annoyed by them, we uncovered them delightful and enjoyed hanging the end with most of them, especially Uncle Arthur and also Aunt Clara.

Two family members that could reason some serious problems were Jeannie and Samantha’s “twins.” Jeannie had a sister that looked similar to her other than she traded blonde hair because that black and also a pink harem outfit for a blue one.

However, she could pretend to be Jeannie, and also it was virtually impossible to tell lock apart. Sam’s cousin Serena looked a lot prefer her and likewise sported a black hairdo.

However, Serena had actually a very different kooky personality and it didn’t take long to figure out who she really was. In Tony’s case, he might have been stuck with the other Jeannie because that a long time without realizing it.

One various other family issue was even if it is the children would follow in their mother’s footsteps. ~ above Bewitched we did discover that both Darrin and Samantha’s youngsters were a witch and a warlock i beg your pardon tripled the difficulties Darrin to be living with. Since Jeannie and Tony never had children, us don’t know if lock would have magical powers or not.

Magic Issues. Both Jeannie and also Samantha could come down v some strange illnesses pertained to their powers.

While Jeannie regularly had come wait the end the situation, Samantha had actually a personal physician accessible at all times, Dr. Bombay, who could usually cure her quickly.

The last question involves twitching matches blinking. Samantha’s magic was accomplished by occasionally raising she arm, yet typically she twitched her nose. Jeannie would certainly fold she arms end each other and also lower she head if blinking. The two issues with their approaches are the Sam’s magic was more subtle and if she turned just right, nobody noticed what she to be up to.

Not just was Jeannie more obvious however if her arms to be broken, she would have actually been helpless, as she mentions in one episode. It would be less likely because that a nose to it is in broken, but not impossible, at least according come Marcia Brady.

One last magical problem was that Tony can in fact ban Jeannie to her bottle. Due to the fact that he was she master, she had to obey him and also even if she refused, once she remained in her bottle, a cap could keep she there. Samantha to be an equal partner with Darrin and also there to be no after-effects for her that were any type of different from any other marriage. She was complimentary to come and also go and send him to the couch for the night when they had actually a disagreement.

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So, after mirroring on this issues, what is the determination? Jeannie certainly caused more problems, but she might be banned come the bottle. Samantha was much more helpful, yet her family caused Darrin a many stress.

I guess i would need to say native my perspective at least, Samantha would be the human I would fairly be friend with. Jeannie regularly misinterpreted cases or caused more problems if trying to make things better. She also had a temper that resulted in her to be blinking prior to thinking.

With Samantha you can have a normal friendship without being subjected to any type of weird circumstances, and also if girlfriend did get connected in miscellaneous outlandish, she had the capacity to freeze time till it got back to common or put a spell on you to forget the you observed or heard anything abnormal. Whether you agree or disagree, I’d love come hear her thoughts.