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Each chapter will incorporate a few questions draft to test your expertise of product covered in the chapter and in the Internet-based resources. Your answers room not being recorded. Shot the following. A dendritic stream pattern will tend to construct in __________ .regions underlain by regularly-spaced joints or faultsregions of urgent strata along the flanks of isolated volcanoesregions the flay-lying sedimentary rocksPoint bars room deposited _____________ .on the within of a meander bendon the external of a meander bendat the base of a waterfallby turbidity currentsAs a river overflows its financial institutions during flood, it drops much of that coarser-grainedload immediately, developing landforms referred to as ___________ .deltasalluvial fansnatural leveespoint barsA flow flows right into a quiet lake and begins to kind a ____________ .deltasalluvial fansnatural leveespoint bars Which one of the adhering to generally reduce downstream follow me the size ofa stream?channel widthchannel depthgradientvelocityWhich the the complying with statements around fluid circulation is false?as the velocity the a currently increases, laminar flow may change to rough flowthe viscosity of many fluids increases as temperature increasesmost streams and rivers room turbulentthe more viscous the fluid, the more likely the flow is laminarWhat form of circulation can carry gravel and cobbles?laminarturbulentboth A and also Bneither A no one BParticles the roll and slide follow me the flow bottom are called _________ .bed loadsuspended loaddissolved loadnone that the aboveWhat form of product is most most likely to it is in transported together suspended load?claysiltsanddepends on the "energy" of the streamSuspended load includes material ___________ . Rolling follow me on the bottom that the streamtemporarily or permanently suspended in the flowdeposited ~ above the bottom that the streamrolling along the bottom and suspended in the flowThe speed at which suspended particles become component of the bed fill of a currently is dubbed the ____________ . Discharge velocitycapacitysettling velocitycompetenceRunning water erodes solid absent by _________ .abrasianchemical and physical weatheringundercutting action of currentsall that the aboveAt a bend in a river, _________ occurs on the external of the bend and ________ wake up on the within of the bend.erosion ..... Depositiondeposition ...... Erosionerosion .......erosiondeposition ..... DepositionWhich that the complying with does not identify whether a stream is straight, braided, or meandering?flow volumesediment loadriverbank erodibilitylength of riverThe volume that water flowing previous a suggest in a provided time is dubbed the __________.comptenceviscositydischargecapacityWhat is the probability that a 50-year overwhelming occuring following year?2%10%50%cannot be established from the information givenThe form of the longitudinal file of all streams is __________ .a horizontal linea directly line sloping downstreama concave upward curvea concave bottom curveIf sea level were to rise, the slope of the longitudinal profile of plenty of rivers would _________ . Increase decreasefirst increase, then decreasefirst decrease, climate increaseIf a dam is built, sediment will certainly ________ ~ above the upstream next of the dam and sediment will certainly ________ on the downstream side of the dam.accumulate ... Accumulateaccumulate ... Erodeerode ... Accumulateerode ... ErodeTerraces room remnants of former ___________ . Floodplainsriversfloodplain depositsalluvial fansWhat kind of drainage pattern would you mean to find on a volcano?dendriticrectangularradialradicalWhat form of drainage pattern would you suppose to find where rapid weathering follow me joints in bedrock controls the food of streams?dendriticrectangularradialradicalA delta is made up of sediments ____________ . Deposit at the mouth of a riverdeposited on the inside of a meander loopdeposited at a mountain frontdeposited ~ above the exterior of a meander loopWhich of the complying with processes is the most essential erosional force?streamsglacierswindwavesAbout just how much liquified materials perform rivers transfer each year?2-4 thousands tons2-4 million tons2-4 billion tons2-4 sunshine tonsSince humans started to proactively affect their environment, how much has sediment move by streams increased?10%50%100%200%Which of the complying with flows is most most likely to be turbulent?slow flow in a shallow channelfast flow in a shallow channelslow circulation in a deep channelfast flow in a deep channelWhich of the complying with statements about fluid circulation is false?as the velocity that a currently increases, laminat flow may change to unstable flowthe viscosity of most fluids boosts as the temperature increasesmost streams and also rivers space turbulentthe more viscous the fluid, the much more likely the flow is laminarWhat kind of flow can carry gravel and cobbles?laminarturbulentboth A and also Bneither A nor BWhat kind of material is most most likely to it is in transported together suspended load?clay particlessand particlesgravel particlesall the these room equally likely to be transported as suspended loadWhich that the following statements about streams is false?for the very same discharge, laminar flows generally carry more sediment than stormy flowsfaster currents can lug larger particles 보다 slower currentssmaller corpuscle settle much more slowly than bigger particlesthe basic level is the lowest level come which a stream deserve to erodsGravel-sized particles are transported by rivers together ________.suspended loadbed loaddissolved loadall that theseThe intermittent jumping movement of sand grains follow me a river bottom is dubbed ______.saltationripplingsuspensionmeanderingDuring turbulen flow, smaller sized grains will certainly not _________.be choose up much more frequently than large grainsjump greater than large grainssettle much more quickly than huge grainstravel further than big grainsWhich that the adhering to stream velocities will lead to the largest sand dunes?lowmoderatehighvery highPotholes in flow bottom radical are created by _____.the impacy of a big rock relocated by a solid current which provides a "crater"the grinding activity of a pebble or cobble in a swirling eddycascading water indigenous a waterfall i m sorry wears away the rocknone of the above
Of the choices show belpw, the most typical youthful cross-sectional flow valley profile is _____?ABCDOf the options show below, the most common mature cross-sectional river valley file is _____?ABCDWhat is the term for a curved sandbar that creates on the within curve the a stream?meanderpoint barduneoxbow
In this figure the arrow is pointing to a(n) _________?meanderpoint barnatural leveeoxbow lakeNatural dams are made up of ___________.silt and clay deposited during a floodsand and gravel deposited throughout a floodoverlaping suggest barsisolated point barsNatural levees are built up by _________.beavershumansfloodserosionFor a offered river, i m sorry of the adhering to floods would have the biggest discharge?a 5-yeara 20-year flood a 100-yearone can not be established from the informaiton givenWhich that the following statements about floods is true?a 50-year flood is usually of better magnitude than a 100-year flooda 100-year flood has actually a 10% chance of occurring in any type of one year.if over there is a 20% probability of a overwhelming of a specific height emerging in any one year the is referred to as a 5-year floodthe recurrence expression of a flood of a certain height go not depend upon the broad of the floodplainWhat is the major reason sediment is deposit in huge cone-shaped shop at hill fronts? due to the fact that stream valleys widen abruptly in ~ a mountain frontbecause present valleys nattrow abruptly in ~ a mountain frontbecause streat valleys acquire much steeptr a a hill frontbecause currently valeys get less steep at a mountain frontRiver terraces space composed of ________ and kind as a an outcome of rapid _______bedrock .... Subsidencebedrock ..... Upliftflood level deposits .....

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Subsidenceflood plain deposits ..... UpliftIf a currently breaks through a divide and also captures drainage indigenous the completing stream it is calledcompetitive capturecompetitive erosionstream piracystream capture
This pattern most carefully resembles ________ drainagedendriticrectangularradialtrellisIn this map view, the stream is flow _______from top to bottomfrom bottom come topfrom best to leftfrom left come rightA _________ drainage pattern creates where rapid weathering along joints in radical controls the food of streamsdendriticrectangularradialtrellisHow far can big rivers, such as the Amazon, maintain a present out come sea?meterstens of metershundreds the metersmany kilometersA delta is comprised of sediments _________deposited at the mouth of a riverdeposited top top the within of a meander loopdeposited in ~ a moutain frontdeposited on the outsideof a meander loopWhich the the following beds in a lake-delta consists of thin horizontal layers of mud? topsetforesetbottomset bedsall that theseWhy is the Missippi delta therefore large? because the Mississippi flow transports a vast amount of sedimentbecause the tides in the GUlf the Mexico space not really strongbecause waves in the Gulf the Mexico are not very solid all of theseThe east shore of north America lacks deltas since ________ waves and also tides are too strongno rivers empty out follow me the east coast of north AMericathe Applachian mountains are also erosion resistant rivers the the east shore have currents that are too weak to lug much sedimentTry this fill-in-the blanks
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