Area codes 812 and 930 offer the southern third of thestate of Indiana. The area password cover Evansville and also mostof that is suburbs, as well as the Indiana sections of the Louisvilleand Cincinnati urban areas.

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Click to see complete answer. similarly one may ask, which country area code is 812?

Area password 812 is uncovered in the united state state ofIndiana. Mainly servicing the city that Evansville (population:184008), area code 812 consist of 39 counties ofIndiana.

Beside above, i m sorry area code is 312? Chicago

additionally to know, wherein is area password 930 in the unified States?

Area password 930 serves southern Indiana includingthe bigger cities that Bloomington, Clarksville, Columbus,Evansville, Jeffersonville, brand-new Albany, and also Terre Haute in additionto numerous smaller neighborhoods within the area password 930 servicearea.

What area password is 937 in the US?

Primarily servicing the city the Dayton (population:414987), area code 937 consist of 20 counties the Ohio. Locatedin the east time zone, area code 937 is ~ above the same timeas new York, NY. Area password 937 was lugged into effect onSeptember 28, 1996. 937 was separation from the parent 513area code.

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What area password is 317 in the US?

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What area password is 512 in California?

512 and also 737 room North American call areacodes offer Austin, Texas, and also its suburbs. Countiescurrently offered by these area codes incorporate Bastrop,Burnet, Caldwell, Hays, Travis, Milam and Williamson.
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What area code is 513 California?

North American area code 513 offer southwestOhio including Cincinnati and also many bordering cities, together asForest Park, Hamilton, Lebanon, West Chester, Mason, Maineville,Middletown, Norwood, Oxford, Harrison, Cleves, Miamitown, andTrenton.
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What area code is 220?

North American phone call area codes 740 and220 serve southeastern and main Ohio. (Columbus and ratecenters in Franklin County use the 614 areacode.)
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Where is area code 502 in the US?

Area password 502 is uncovered in the US state ofKentucky. Primarily servicing the city the Louisville (population:746101), area password 502 covers 15 counties of Kentucky.Located in the eastern time zone, area code 502 is on thesame time as new York, NY.
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What area code is 404 in the US?

Area code 404. Area password 404 of the NorthAmerican Numbering arrangement (NANP) identifies a numbering planarea (NPA) the covers Atlanta, Georgia and its closestsuburbs, approximately the area encircled by federal government 285. It i am one enclave area code, totally surrounded by areacode 770, i m sorry serves most of Atlanta"s suburbs.
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Where is area password 910 indigenous a cabinet phone?

Area password 910 is one area code servingsoutheastern north Carolina, consisting of the cities of Wilmington,Jacksonville, Laurinburg, Lumberton and Fayetteville.
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Where is area code 530 in the USA?

Cities in the 530 area code
major cities within the 530 include: Auburn,Chico, Colfax, Davis, Grass Valley, Marysville, Oroville, Paradise,Placerville, Redding, Red Bluff, Susanville, Truckee, Woodland,Yuba City, and also South Lake Tahoe.
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What area password is 940 in the US?

North American area code 940 is a state the Texastelephone area code for numbers in the Wichita drops andDenton areas.
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What area password is 920 in California?

Where Is Area code 920? Area password 920 isfound in the united state state of Wisconsin. Mostly servicing the city ofGreen only (population: 182742), area password 920 covers 19counties of Wisconsin. Located in the central time zone, areacode 920 is on the very same time together Chicago, IL.
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Is over there a 911 area code?

Area codes Table
Area Code nation State
910 US North Carolina
911 Unassigned
912 US Georgia
913 US Kansas

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What city has 321 area code?

Primarily servicing the city of Alexandria(population: 140658), area code 321 consists 1 county ofFlorida. Located in the eastern time zone, area password 321 ison the very same time as new York, NY. Area code 321 was broughtinto effect on November 1, 1999. 321 was separation from theparent 407 area code.

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What area password starts through 315?

Area codes 315 and 680 are telephone areacodes serving north-central brand-new York. Castle stretch native thewestern next of Wayne county to small Falls, phibìc to theCanada–United states border, eastern to Massena and also south tonear Cortland. Most of its populace lives in Syracuse and itssuburbs.
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