They must most likely be objected through a glucagon. The regular of this emergency is most most likely hypoglycemia, for this reason the glucagon will certainly raise their blood sugar quickly without lock needing come swallow. Then, contact 911.

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An athlete enduring a diabetic emergency is conscious, yet cannot swallow. Friend should:

Call the regional emergency number.Do not provide him noþeles by mouth.Make sure that his airway is clean of vomit.Check because that breathingGiving treatment until advanced medical personnel take it over.


How progressed medical personnel execute in this cases:

When the adiabatic persons cannot swallow, They space treated by injection that glucagon.


A hormone secreted by the pancreas, raises blood glucose levels.It has an impact opposite the of insulin, i m sorry lowers blood glucose levels.Glucagon reasons the liver to convert stored glycogen right into glucose, i m sorry is released right into the bloodstream. It is accessible in injectable kind (Glucagen).

A glucagon emergency kit: (see the picture)

It contains:

1- A party of glucagon (dry powder).

2- A syringe of clear liquid.

just how they use Glucagon kit to rise blood glucose:

As glucagon can reason vomiting, location the patient on their side before the injection to avoid choking.Remove the flip-off seal from the bottle of glucagon.Remove the needle protector from the syringe inject the liquid within the syringe t into the party of glucagon powder.Remove the empty syringe and also shake the party gently till the liquid is clear.Hold the party upside down, reinsert the needle and also withdraw all of the equipment from the bottle.Give the injection in a large muscle such together the buttocks, thigh or eight (see the picture)

Learn an ext about:

Hypoglycemia: Diabetes:


Emergency diabetes glucose glucagon injection hypoglycemia


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