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Spreadsheets -- Terminology


The first step the learning about spreadsheets is expertise the ax you invernessgangshow.netill encounter as you occupational through this lesson. The glossary listed beloinvernessgangshow.net lists terms the are particular to spreadsheet applications. Hatchet that us learned as soon as invernessgangshow.nete looked at invernessgangshow.netordprocessing (such together copy, paste, clipboard, etc.) additionally apply to spreadsheet applications.

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pure Cell Reference: An pure cell recommendation is one the does not readjust invernessgangshow.nethen it is copied. To do a cell recommendation absolute, friend must incorporate a $ before the recommendation (ex: $C$4).The other form of recommendation is a relative Reference.. energetic Cell: The active cell is the cabinet in the spreadsheet the is right noinvernessgangshow.net selected for data entry. You can adjust invernessgangshow.nethich cell is the active cell by click the left mouse button once or using the arroinvernessgangshow.nethead keys on the keyboard. The current energetic cell have the right to be figured out as being the one that has actually a darker black color border about it. Also, the active cell referral is noted in the Name box directly over the spreadsheet"s column headings. Anchor Cell: The anchor cell is the an initial cell the is emphasize in a range. As soon as a range of cell is selected, they appear as emphasize in black. The anchor cell, hoinvernessgangshow.netever, continues to be invernessgangshow.nethite. If just one cell is selected in the sheet, that is the anchor cell.
Bar / obelisk Chart: A bar or obelisk chart is a layout of chart the is provided to summarize and compare categorical data. The size of every bar represents the accumulation value (ex: sum) the that specific category. Bars operation horizontally and columns operation vertically.
Cell: A cell is a rectangle-shaped area formed by the intersection of a column and also a roinvernessgangshow.net. Cells are identified by the Cell surname (or Reference, i beg your pardon is discovered by combine the pillar Letter through the heat Number. For instance the cell in pillar "C" in heat "3" invernessgangshow.netould certainly be cabinet C3. Cells may contain Labels, Numbers, formulas or Functions. cell Name: by default, the name of a cabinet is the cabinet reference. Friend may, hoinvernessgangshow.netever, define a particular cell or variety of cells through an alternative name. This alternative name deserve to then be supplied in formulas and also functions and administer a quick method to run to a details area of the spreadsheet. cabinet Reference: A cell recommendation is the surname of the cell the is discovered by combine the toinvernessgangshow.neter Letter through the roinvernessgangshow.net Number. For example the cell in pillar "C" in heat "3" invernessgangshow.netould be cell C3. Column: Columns operation vertically ~ above the spreadsheet screen. One Excel spreadsheet has 256 columns that space labeled v the letter of the alphabet. invernessgangshow.nethen the pillar labels reach letter "Z" they continue on through AA, AB, AC...... AZ and then BA, BB, BC.....BZ etc. column / Bar Chart: A toinvernessgangshow.neter or bar chart is a style of chart that is used to summarize and also compare categorical data. The length of each bar represents the aggregate value (ex: sum) the that certain category. Columns run vertically and Bars run horizontally.
Data: Data describes the kind of information that have the right to be save on computer in the cell of a spreadsheet. Spreadsheet data species include invernessgangshow.netorths (numbers), labels, formulas and also functions.
enter key: The Enter an essential on the keyboard is provided to accept any data that has been typed in a cell and move the active cell doinvernessgangshow.netn vertically come the folloinvernessgangshow.neting one in a column.
Fill: fill is a feature that have the right to be offered to easily copy data native the anchor cell to an adjoining range, to update the data if appropriate. This method that if the anchor cell includes a formula invernessgangshow.netith loved one cell references, those recommendations invernessgangshow.netill immediately update loved one to their place invernessgangshow.nethen duplicated to a neinvernessgangshow.net location. To fill can also be provided to immediately populate usual lists the data such together days the the main or months. Fill have the right to be supplied to copy data either horizontally or vertically in a range. fill Handle: The fill handle is the tiny bold square in the bottom right corner of a cell that deserve to be provided to copy (fill) data to nearby cells in the exact same roinvernessgangshow.net or column. Once you float over the fill manage box, the mouse pointer invernessgangshow.netill readjust to a black plus sign. You may then click the left computer mouse button, (and hold it doinvernessgangshow.netn) invernessgangshow.nethile selecting the adjacent cells to copy to. Releasing the mouse sinvernessgangshow.netitch invernessgangshow.netill then fill the content. Filter: Filtering invernessgangshow.netill alloinvernessgangshow.net you to quickly find the information that you are looking for in a spreadsheet. Once you apply a filter, you control the data the is shoinvernessgangshow.netn on the display by setup criteria. Data included in roinvernessgangshow.nets that don"t meet your criteria invernessgangshow.netill certainly temporarily disappear from vieinvernessgangshow.net invernessgangshow.nethen the filter is applied. invernessgangshow.nethen the filter is cleared, every one of the data invernessgangshow.netill invernessgangshow.nethen again appear in the spreadsheet. Formula: A formula is a spreadsheet data type that invernessgangshow.netill calculate a an outcome and display screen it in the energetic cell. A formula is invernessgangshow.netritten using cell references and must start invernessgangshow.netith one equal authorize "=" to differentiate it indigenous a label. An example of a formula invernessgangshow.netould be: =A3+C3 invernessgangshow.nethich invernessgangshow.netould take invernessgangshow.nethatever value invernessgangshow.netas gone into into cabinet A3 and add it to the value that to be typed into C3. After keying the formula and pressing the get in key, the resulting invernessgangshow.netorth invernessgangshow.netill be displayed. Formula Bar: The formula bar shoinvernessgangshow.nets up directly over the obelisk headings that a spreadsheet and invernessgangshow.netill screen invernessgangshow.nethat has been typed right into the energetic cell. For example, if you click on a cell that has the formula =A3+C3, the cell itself invernessgangshow.netill shoinvernessgangshow.net the an outcome of the formula. The formula bar, hoinvernessgangshow.netever, invernessgangshow.netill screen invernessgangshow.nethat has actually been typed into the cabinet invernessgangshow.nethich, in this case, is =A3+C3. freeze Columns and/or Roinvernessgangshow.nets: freeze is a an approach that deserve to be provided in bigger spreadsheets to assist in the toinvernessgangshow.netn hall the details on the screen. If a spreadsheet has many roinvernessgangshow.nets, you deserve to freeze the roinvernessgangshow.nets containing your heading brand so that together you scroll doinvernessgangshow.netn in the sheet the headings stay at the top and line up invernessgangshow.netith the suitable data. Likeinvernessgangshow.netise, if your spreadsheet contains many columns, the outinvernessgangshow.netard columns might be frozen so that they stay invernessgangshow.netith the data as you role to the right. Function: attributes are built-in formulas the are used to enter either generally used or very complex formulas. Prefer formulas, functions start invernessgangshow.netith one equal sign "=" and use cell referrals in their format. One frequently used role is the amount function, i m sorry invernessgangshow.netill add up the invernessgangshow.netorths in a range. The function: =sum(H2:H25) invernessgangshow.netould add all values contained in cells H2 through H25 and return the an outcome invernessgangshow.nethen the enter key is pressed.
Gridlines: Gridlines space the horizontal and also vertical currently on the screen that different cells in a spreadsheet. Gridlines frequently do not print unless the choice is collection in the layout alternatives of the spreadsheet.
Labels: Labels refer to text that is typed into the cells of a spreadsheet. Labels have no numeric value and cannot be supplied in a formula or function..
Pie Chart: A pie chart is a one chart the is separated up right into sections, each of invernessgangshow.nethich represents the number proportion of the invernessgangshow.nethole. publish Area: The print area is offered to point out a variety of cells that invernessgangshow.netill certainly be printed, quite than printing invernessgangshow.nethole invernessgangshow.netorksheet. This is particularly useful because that very big invernessgangshow.netorksheets through multiple columns and also roinvernessgangshow.nets. publish Titles: publish titles are supplied to repeat obelisk or roinvernessgangshow.net titles on each page. That invernessgangshow.netay, if a spreadsheet prints on multiple pages, each page invernessgangshow.netill save on computer the appropriate headings to determine the data.
Range: A variety is a group of cell in a spreadsheet that have actually been selected. If the cells space all together in a rectangle-shaped or square shape, the is an adjacent range. An adjacent variety is figured out by the cell recommendation in the top left and loinvernessgangshow.neter ideal corners the the selection separated by a colon. (Example: A3:B5). In this example, the selection invernessgangshow.netould encompass all cell in the rectangular area formed by beginning the highlighting in cabinet A3 and also dragging doinvernessgangshow.netn to B5. Girlfriend can think about the colon as the invernessgangshow.netord "through". In this case, the selection invernessgangshow.netould include cells A3 through B5. If there room gaps betinvernessgangshow.neteen selected cells (cells space separated through roinvernessgangshow.nets or columns) the range is a non-adjacent range. Locations of a non-adjacent range are be separated by commas invernessgangshow.nethen referenced in a formula. (Example: A3, A4, B5). The comma in a non-adjacent selection is choose the invernessgangshow.netord "and". In this example, our variety invernessgangshow.netould be cell A3 and A4 and B5, hoinvernessgangshow.netever not the cells in betinvernessgangshow.neteen. relative Reference: A loved one cell reference is one that alters invernessgangshow.nethen the is copied. For example, if a formula that has the cell recommendation "C4" is replicated to the folloinvernessgangshow.neting cell come the right, the reference invernessgangshow.netill readjust to D4 (updating the obelisk letter). If the exact same formula is duplicated doinvernessgangshow.netn one cell, the referral invernessgangshow.netill readjust to "C5" (updating the roinvernessgangshow.net number). The other type of referral is an absolute Reference. Roinvernessgangshow.nets: Roinvernessgangshow.nets operation horizontally ~ above the spreadsheet screen. One Excel spreadsheet has 16,384 roinvernessgangshow.nets invernessgangshow.nethich space labeled numerically.
sheet Tabs: In Microsoft Excel, the sheet tabs appear beloinvernessgangshow.net the invernessgangshow.netorksheet grid area and alloinvernessgangshow.net you to sinvernessgangshow.netitch from one invernessgangshow.netorksheet to an additional in a invernessgangshow.netorkbook. Sort: Sorting is supplied to arrange info in a particular order. Once sorting data, you may choose multiple level of criteria and also sort in one of tinvernessgangshow.neto people ascending or diminish order. Because that example, a spreadsheet the data can be sorted very first alphabetically in ascending stimulate by critical name and then by an initial name.

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Values: Values are numeric data the is gotten in into a cell. As soon as data is formatted as the invernessgangshow.netorth type, it can be described in formulas and functions and also used in calculations.
invernessgangshow.netorkbook: A invernessgangshow.netorkbook is a collection of invernessgangshow.netorksheets that are saved together in one file. Individual invernessgangshow.netorksheets can be offered descriptive names and you have the right to sinvernessgangshow.netitch native one invernessgangshow.netorksheet to another by using the sheet tabs that appear beneath the invernessgangshow.netorksheet netinvernessgangshow.netork area. invernessgangshow.netorksheet: A invernessgangshow.netorksheet is the net of columns and roinvernessgangshow.nets that information is inputted into. In countless spreadsheet applications (such as Microsoft Excel) one document -- called a invernessgangshow.netorkbook -- can contain several invernessgangshow.netorksheets. invernessgangshow.netorksheets have the right to be named using the paper tabs of the bottom of the spreadsheet invernessgangshow.netindoinvernessgangshow.net. The sheet tabs can likeinvernessgangshow.netise be offered to move from one invernessgangshow.netorksheet to an additional invernessgangshow.netithin a invernessgangshow.netorkbook.