In comparing a balloon comprise 25 grams that helium to a balloon comprise 25 grams of neon, which one of the following statements is TRUE?

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If 2.01 × 1023 atoms of an aspect from team IA of the routine table has a fixed of 7.675 grams, this facet is many likely
If a sample that carbon dioxide has 3.8 mole of oxygen atoms, how countless moles the carbon dioxide are in the sample?
An steel ore sample is uncovered to it is in 35.00% Fe by mass. How many grams that ore are necessary to attain of Fe?
A 500. Gram stole ore sample was established to save 242 grams of iron. What is the massive percent of steel in the ore?
Bauxite is an ore that consists of the facet aluminum. If you obtained 108 grams that aluminum from an ore sample that initially weighed 204 grams, what is the fixed percent of aluminum in this bauxite ore?
The easiest formula for hydrogen peroxide is HO. To determine its molecular formula, it is important to know
A chromium oxide compound consists of 104.0 grams that chromium and 48.0 grams of oxygen. What is the most likely empirical formula that this compound?
An iron chloride compound consists of 55.85 grams of iron and 106.5 grams of chlorine. What is the most most likely empirical formula because that this compound?
A 7.96 gram sample of silver- reacts v oxygen to form 8.55 gram of the steel oxide. What is the formula that the oxide?
Vitamin C is recognized chemically by the surname ascorbic acid. Determine the empirical formula that ascorbic mountain if that is created of 40.92% carbon, 4.58% hydrogen, and also 54.50% oxygen.
Determine the exactly empirical formula that a compound containing 26.68% carbon, 2.24% hydrogen, and also 71.08% oxygen.
What is the molecular formula the a compound provided the molar mass of the link is 186.5 grams and also the empirical formula is C2H7?
An estrogen compound v the empirical formula C12H17O2 has actually a molecular mass the 386.6 g/mol. What is the value of n important to find the molecule formula?
What is the molecular formula that a compound given the molar fixed of the link is 30.04 gram and also the empirical formula is NH?
A compound has actually a molar fixed of 180.15 g/mol. Offered the complying with percent composition, calculate the molecular formula:
An unknown acid has actually a molar massive of 60.05 g/mol. Given the complying with percent composition, what is the molecular formula? 40% C, 6.7% H, 53.3% O


Chemistry: The central Science14th EditionBruce Edward Bursten, Catherine J. Murphy, H. Eugene Lemay, Matthew E. Stoltzfus, Patrick Woodward, Theodore Brown


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