What are X-rays the the spine, neck or back?

X-rays use invisible electromagnetic power beams come make photos of interior tissues, bones, and organs top top film. Typical X-rays space performed for plenty of reasons. These encompass diagnosing tumors or bone injuries.

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X-rays room made through using outside radiation to create images that the body, that is organs, and also other interior structures because that diagnostic purposes. X-rays pass with body organization onto specially-treated bowl (similar come camera film) and a "negative" form picture is do (the an ext solid a structure is, the whiter it shows up on the film). Rather of film, X-rays are now frequently made by using computers and digital media.

When the body undergoes X-rays, different parts that the body permit varying quantities of the X-ray beams to pass through. Pictures are made in levels of light and dark. It depends on the amount of X-rays that pass through the tissues. The soft organization in the human body (like blood, skin, fat, and also muscle) permit most the the X-ray to happen through and appear dark gray top top the film. A bone or a tumor, i m sorry is denser than soft tissue, allows couple of of the X-rays to happen through and also appears white top top the X-ray. At a break in a bone, the X-ray beam passes with the broken area. It shows up as a dark heat in the white bone.

X-rays of the spine may be performed to evaluate any area that the spine (cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacral, or coccygeal). Various other related steps that might be offered to diagnose spine, back, or neck difficulties include myelography (myelogram), computed tomography (CT scan), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), or bone scans. Please watch these steps for additional information.

Anatomy of the spine


The spinal tower is comprised of 33 vertebrae that are separated by spongy disks and also classified into distinctive areas:

The cervical area is composed of 7 vertebrae in the neck.

The thoracic area is composed of 12 vertebrae in the chest.

The lumbar area is composed of 5 vertebrae in the lower back.

The sacrum has 5 small, fused vertebrae.

The 4 coccygeal vertebrae fuse to kind 1 bone, called the coccyx or tailbone.

The spinal cord, a significant part of the central nervous system, is situated in the vertebral canal and also reaches native the base of the skull to the upper component of the reduced back. The spinal cord is surrounding by the skeleton of the spine and also a sac comprise cerebrospinal fluid. The spinal cord dead sense and movement signals to and also from the mind and controls numerous reflexes.

ago in the Saddle after Spinal surgical procedure

anne Fink made spinal surgery look like a to walk in the park, yet she will certainly be the first to tell friend it’s due to the fact that of Johns Hopkins spine operated doctor Khaled Kebaish. “Thanks come him, I’m a walking clinical miracle. He provided me mine life back,” she says.

Risks that the procedure

You might want to ask her health treatment provider around the lot of radiation used throughout the procedure and also the threats related to your specific situation. It is a an excellent idea to keep a document of her past background of radiation exposure, choose previous scans and also other varieties of X-rays, so that you have the right to inform your health treatment provider. Risks linked with radiation exposure may be regarded the cumulative number of X-ray exams and/or therapies over a long period of time.

If you space pregnant or doubt that you may be pregnant, girlfriend should educate your health care provider. Radiation exposure throughout pregnancy may result in birth defects. If it is important for girlfriend to have a spinal X-ray, special precautions will certainly be make to minimization the radiation exposure to the fetus.

There might be other dangers depending ~ above your specific medical condition. Be sure to discuss any concerns v your health care providerprior to the procedure.

Before the procedure

Your health care providerwill define the procedure come you and also offer girlfriend the chance to ask inquiries that you might have about the procedure.

Generally, no front preparation, like fasting or sedation, is required.

Notify the radiologic technologist if you space pregnant or doubt you might be pregnant.

Notify the radiologic technologist if friend have had actually a recent barium X-ray procedure, together this may interfere through obtaining an optimal X-ray exposure the the lower back area.

Based on your clinical condition, your health treatment providermay request other details preparation.

During the procedure

An X-ray might be perform on one outpatient communication or as part of your stay in a hospital. Procedures might vary depending upon your condition and your health treatment provider"s practices.

Generally, an X-ray procedure that the spine, neck, or back follows this process:

You will be asked come remove any type of clothing, jewelry, hairpins, eyeglasses, hear aids, or other steel objects that may interfere with the procedure.

If you room asked come remove any kind of clothing, you will be provided a gown come wear.

You will be positioned on an X-ray table that closely places the component of the spine that is to it is in X-rayed between the X-ray maker and a cassette comprise the X-ray movie or digital media. Her health care providermay likewise request X-ray see to it is in taken from a stand position.

Body parts not being imaged might be covered with a lead apron (shield) to protect against exposure to the X-rays.

The radiologic technologist will ask friend to organize still in a certain position because that a couple of moments when the X-ray exposure is made.

If the X-ray is gift performed to identify an injury, special care will be required to prevent more injury. Because that example, a neck brace might be used if a cervical spine fracture is suspected.

Some spinal X-ray studies may require several various positions. Uneven the technologist instructs girlfriend otherwise, itis extremely vital to remain fully still while the exposure is made. Any type of movement may distort the image and even require another study to be excellent to acquire a clear image of the body part in question. You might be asked to breath in and also out throughout a thoracic spine X-ray.

The X-ray beam will certainly be focused on the area to it is in photographed.

The radiologic technologist will action behind a protective window while the picture is taken.

While the X-ray procedure itself causes no pain, the manipulation that the body part being examined may reason some discomfort or pain. This is an especially true in the instance of a recent injury or invasive procedure prefer surgery. The radiologic technologist will usage all possible comfort measures and also complete the procedure as quickly as feasible to reduce any type of discomfort or pain.

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After the procedure

Generally, over there is no special type of treatment following one X-ray that the spine, back, or neck. However, her health treatment providermay provide you extr or alternating instructions after the procedure, depending upon your specific situation.