l> words whose fourth letter is J

native whose fourth letter is J

Banjorine (n.) A sort of banjo, with a quick neck, tuned a fourth higher than the usual banjo; -- popular so called.Chaja (n.) The crested screamer of Brazil (Palamedea, / Chauna, chavaria), so referred to as in imitation the its notes; -- called additionally chauna, and also faithful kamichi. The is frequently domesticated and also is helpful in guarding various other poultry. Check out Kamichi.Conjugate (a.) Agreeing in derivation and radical signification; -- said of words.Conjugate (a.) Presenting themselves simultaneously and also having reciprocal properties; -- commonly used in pure and applied math with referral to 2 quantities, points, link (n.) A kind of sexual union; -- used to a mix of the contents of two or much more cells or individuals in part plants and lower animals, through which brand-new spores or germs are developed.Disjoint (a.) Disjointed; unconnected; -- opposed to conjoint.Frejol () The beanlike seed of any kind of of several related plants, as the cowpea. Frijoles are an important article the diet among Spanish-American peoples, being provided as one ingredient of many dishes.Hadji (n.) A Mohammedan pilgrim to Mecca; -- used amongst Orientals together a respectful salutation or a title of honor.Jiujitsu () The Japanese arts of self-defense there is no weapons, currently widely provided as a mechanism of physical training. It counts for its effectiveness largely ~ above the principle of making use of one opponent"s strength and weight come disable or damaged him, and by using pressure so that his opposing activity will litter him the end of balance, dislocate or break a joint, etc. It opposes knowledge and also skill come brute strength, and demands considerable practical understanding of human being anatomy.Marjoram (n.) A genus the mintlike tree (Origanum) comprising about twenty-five species. The sweet marjoram (O. Majorana) is pecularly aromatic and also fragrant, and much used in cookery. The wild marjoram that Europe and also America is O. Vulgare, much less fragrant than the other.Medjidieh (n.) A Turkish honorary order established in 1851 by Abdul-Mejid, having actually as its argorial a medallion surrounded by seven silver rays and crescents. That is regularly conferred ~ above foreigners.Munjistin (n.) one orange-red coloring problem resembling alizarin, uncovered in the root of an eastern Indian varieties of madder (Rubia munjista).Nonjuring (a.) no swearing allegiance; -- applied to the party in great Britain that would not oath allegiance come William and also Mary, or their successors.Perjure (v. T.) To cause to violate an oath or a vow; to cause to do oath knowingly to what is untrue; to do guilty of perjury; to forswear; to corrupt; -- often used reflexively; as, that perjured himself.Projector (n.) one optical instrument because that projecting a snapshot upon a screen, together by a magic lantern or by an instrument for projecting (by reflection rather of transmission of light) a snapshot of one opaque object, together photographs, snapshot post-cards, insects, etc., in the colors of the thing itself. In this latter kind the estimate is completed by way of a combination of lenses v a prism and a winter or reflector. Certain instruments have been dubbed by different names, such as radi>Project (v. T.) To attract or exhibit, as the kind of anything; to deUnijugate (a.) Having but one pair that leaflets; -- stated of a pinnate leaf.

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