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National research study Council (US) Committee on agricultural Land Use and also Wildlife Resources. Floor Use and also Wildlife Resources. Washington (DC): national Academies push (US); 1970.


It has long been well-known that crucial laws and also regulations constitute critical tool of resource management, particularly as a means of imposing restraints. In the wildlife field, these restraints have actually roots in antiquity. Indeed, restrictions on taking game were enacted in pre-Revolutionary times in all of the 13 American colonies.

Legislation and also administrative regulations have served the positive function of establishing policy and also promoting innovation of the atmosphere in the interests of technically sound wildlife management. Alters in long-established cropping procedures typically are triggered by brand-new knowledge derived from research and also may indicate the remove of restrictions. Organic realism of this kind is the frame for afford lasting performance on land and also water.


Under United claims constitutional provisions, the states have primary legal obligation for wildlife protection and also administration, both v their management of the well-established and also recognized doctrine of public property of wildlife, and also through police power. Neither of these functions was moved to the federal government at the time the commonwealth constitution was adopted; hence they continue to be with the states. The constitution does, however, reserve to the commonwealth government certain functions such together treaty-making and also the regulation of interstate commerce. Both have typically been used for wildlife conservation purposes. This actions sometimes limit state jurisdiction in means that influence the monitoring of locations that space of nationwide significance.


Early presumption by the says of wildlife management as a to trust of the human being was upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1896 in the extensively quoted situation of Geer vs. Connecticut. This decision most likely was prominent both in the facility in every state that a governmental unit to handle wildlife affairs, and also in passage of a large and complicated body that state regulations or regulations.

The doctrine of “state” (public) property of wildlife is attributed come English common law. Now, however, in England and other western European nations the landowner has actually property rights in the wildlife the his land and also hence, by comparison with the American scene, laws and regulations handling wildlife are few and simple. Obligations of the landowner are much greater than in America, and also the features of federal government are correspondingly less. As a result, Europeans have actually not arisen such well-established systems of the government pertained to with wildlife (Sigler, 1956).

Although state duty for wildlife is commonly recognized, in many states wildlife and also its recreational use are subordinate to other source interests. In numerous states, because that example, wildlife production has actually not been recognized as a helpful use of floor or water, so that when disputes arise in between this and also other uses, wildlife typically receives tiny consideration. A significant example is the management of water regulation in western states (discussed later in this chapter), yet others occur. The reason may well be that wildlife values space to a great extent social values, gift recreational and esthetic, and also are not easily measured in conventional financial terms. Although the case is changing for the better, as wildlife worths receive growing recognition year through year, in specific kinds of competition the position of wildlife is still predictably weak. Once a highway is proposed along a trout stream, that is still typical for most engineers to it is in unconcerned around the welfare the fish. Hardly ever is the right of eminent domain offered by either the state or federal government in obtaining a wildlife area. The Fish and Wildlife business estimates the only around two percent the its refuge floor purchases room by condemnation.

State jurisdiction relates mainly to the control of wildlife and also to the manner in i m sorry hunters and fishermen might utilize the resource—not to the habitat ~ above which wildlife manufacturing is dependent. The landowner stop the key to production through his regulate of the habitat, and thus he demands to it is in a partner in management if the resource is to yield public benefits.

National and also International Functions

The jurisdiction the the federal government over wildlife outcomes from several details authorities provided in the Constitution. The treaty-making power is scheduled to the commonwealth government, and under this the joined States has actually treaties with an excellent Britain on behalf of Canada (1916) and with Mexico (1937) to protect and manage the migratory bird sources of phibìc America (Magnuson, 1965a).

By 1900 that was already clear that the states can not adequately defend migratory birds. Over there were several efforts early on in the century to do this a commonwealth responsibility, but until the Migratory Bird contract was ratified in 1916, and later upheld through the supreme Court together constitutional, there to be a clear dispute with state authority. Together a result of the treaties with Canada and Mexico, major jurisdiction over migratory birds is suspect by the federal government, i beg your pardon has emerged a solid program to implement that is responsibility. The states currently cooperate very closely in the preservation of migratory birds, an especially in enforcing protective regulations. The common setup is for says to adopt the commonwealth regulations together their own and also to bring out enforcement with their very own officials in state courts. The success of the north American waterfowl preservation program, which counts upon international and state-federal cooperation, is the envy of other parts the the people where it has not been possible to build such a comprehensive and efficient program.

Legal communication of State-Federal Cooperation

The very first important federal law in the wildlife ar was the Lacey action of 1900, which depended because that its constitutionality upon commonwealth authority to manage interstate and also foreign commerce. The most important provision that the Lacey Act declared it to be a commonwealth offense come transport throughout state limits wildlife that had actually been taken illegal in any kind of state. This law, in effect, put the strength of the federal federal government behind the enforcement of state wildlife laws. In ~ first, however, the influence of the Lacey Act was minimal due to the fact that there were couple of protective legislations to be invoked. Later, together the states raised their legitimate restrictions and also enforcement efforts, this commonwealth legislation ended up being important. It played a far-ranging role in checking the prevalent illegal market hunting of that day. Gradually, however, that became apparent that the Lacey act should have been broader, and also in 1926 Congress spanned the black bass by a special act having provisions similar to the statute of 1900. This was amended come include specific other fishes in 1947. By the late 1960"s actions were being taken into consideration to extend federal security to the alligator, long harassed by one interstate website traffic in hides.

Having assumed obligation for migratory bird preservation under regards to the treaties, the congress passed several laws to attain this objective. The Migratory Bird Conservation plot of 1929 well-known a system of refuges being developed for migratory birds, and the Migratory Bird hunting Stamp plot of 1934 to be intended come raise revenue for obtaining refuge lands. Migratory bird refuges and waterfowl production locations by 1969 numbered about 350 and totaled some 7½ million acres. Numerous of this refuges are big and count for their effectiveness upon dams or dikes to regulate water levels on flowages that periodically cover countless thousands that acres. Some locations within these refuges room cultivated and seeded yearly to choice waterfowl food plants. Some room periodically submarine to boost mast production, as from oak.

The Lea act of 1948 authorized salvation and advance of federal management locations for waterfowl and other wildlife in California. One objective to be to develop waterfowl feeding locations on federal land that would lure ducks and geese from privately owned cropfields, and thus assist to prevent chop damage. The various other federal plot relating come wildlife have generally less relevance to agricultural lands.

The easement aspects of the waterfowl manufacturing area program, i m sorry is centered in the north central states, is carefully related to agricultural land use. Under this routine easements room purchased in perpetuity, therefore obtaining the owner"s ideal to drain, burn, or fill little water or swamp areas, so the they might be kept permanently because that the benefit of waterfowl and other wildlife. By April 30, 1968, an ext than 590,000 privately owned acres of waterfowl habitat had actually been for this reason preserved. This routine was a partial answer to the serious difficulty of damage through drainage that the pothole type of habitat, i m sorry is very productive of waterfowl.

The taxing authority of the federal federal government permitted i by conference of number of highly crucial acts that have noted funds for various species of wildlife programs. In addition to the Migratory Bird hunting Stamp Act, there have been two necessary federal aid acts: The Pittman-Robertson act of 1937, which makes funds accessible to the states for wildlife restoration, and also the Dingell-Johnson action of 1950, i beg your pardon provides price sharing in sports fish restoration and also management projects. Under these acts, excise count on guns, ammunition, and also fishing tackle are allocated come the state game and fish departments and they must be suitable in part by the states. The problem of all of these federal acts has been compiled by Magnuson (1965b).

The wide selection of fish and also wildlife projects brought out in big part v federal aid includes plenty of that relate to farming lands in the joined States. Because that example, significant research on the manufacturing of fish in ponds has been performed under the Dingell-Johnson program. Pittman-Robertson funds have actually supported management work, and research, in the basic area of boosting waterfowl and also upland wildlife manufacturing through habitat improvement. Several of the states, with federal assistance, have developed large-scale habitat innovation programs that incorporate privately owned farming lands. The Wildlife administration Institute and also Sport Fishing Institute jointly publish an annual report, “Federal aid in Fish and also Wildlife Restoration,” which explains this work. Rutherford (1949, 1953) discussed, in some detail, the Pittman-Robertson regime from its inception.

The federal federal government owns approximately one 3rd of the full area of the unified States, and it has the same legal ideal as any landowner to defend its property. Under this basic authority, in the 1920"s and 1930"s the government asserted it necessary to remove huge numbers that deer to safeguard the vegetation in certain areas. Well-known examples of these locations were the Kaibab National forest in Arizona and the Pisgah National forest in north Carolina.

More recently, in Yellowstone and also some that the other nationwide parks, overpopulations that elk or deer have actually resulted in damage to the range. Searching is banned in most national parks and also some national monuments. In these cases, although state and federal public official agreed that drastic reductions in large game populations were needed, the methods adopted have frequently given climb to controversy. To save within the policies and regulations prohibiting hunting, the nationwide Park business has eliminated as many pets as feasible by live-trapping and also transplanting, and then has actually resorted to straight killing through its very own employees. Some says would favor public searching under state jurisdiction, but this is contrary to the national park concept, in acknowledgment of which jurisdiction was delivered by the claims to the federal government in most of the national parks at the moment they were established.

Some state manage over residents (nonmigratory) video game on federally owned lands has actually been contested by number of federal agencies. In the past such conflicts have been settled in donate of the states, return the states regularly cede your authority to the government where to perform so is obviously in the general public interest, as in the instance of nationwide parks. Regulations of the U.S. Room of agriculture promulgated in 1941 (known together regulations W-1 and also W-2) are examples of the voluntary arrangements developed for cooperating with the says in wildlife management. Under these regulations the Forest service in effect pledges itself to exhaust all avenues of cooperation before calling upon commonwealth authority in problem with the of the states.

Several disputes between the states and also the U.S. Department of the inner may have been precipitation by the opinion of that Department"s Solicitor in 1964. The adhering to quotations from the Solicitor"s opinion are among those that an especially disturbed the states, and their organization, the international Association the Game, Fish, and also Conservation Commissioners. Asserted the Solicitor:

. . . The is noticeable that the joined States, constitutionally empowered as it is, may acquire a proprietary interest in land within a state and, in the exercise of this proprietary interest, has actually constitutional strength to spread laws and regulations controlling and also protecting the land, consisting of the persons, inanimate articles of value, and resident varieties of wildlife located on such land, and also that this government is superior to that of a state.

The opinion concluded:

The regulation that the wildlife populaces on federally own land is an appropriate and also necessary function of the Federal federal government when the regulations space designed come protect and conserve the wildlife as well as the land.

Following this opinion over there were numerous years of energetic dispute in between the states and the department of the internal over the jurisdictional question. Climate on June 17, 1968, in an action similar to that of the Secretary of farming in 1941 in promulgating regulations W-1 and also W-2, the Secretary the the inner issued a policy statement v respect to fish and resident wildlife providing:


In all areas administered by the Secretary the the internal through the national Park Service, the bureau of sport Fisheries and also Wildlife, the bureau of land Management, and also the bureau of Reclamation, other than the national Parks, the national Monuments, and historic areas of the nationwide Park System, the Secretary shall—


Provide that public hunting of resident wildlife and also fishing chandelier be permitted within statutory limitations in a manner the is compatible with, and not in dispute with, the primary objectives as claimed by the Congress for which such areas are reserved or acquired;


Provide the public hunting, fishing, and possession of fish and also resident wildlife shall be in accordance v applicable state laws and regulations, unless the Secretary finds, ~ consultation with ideal state fish and also game departments, that he must close such areas to together hunting and fishing or restrict public accessibility thereto because that such purposes;


Provide the a state patent or permit, as noted by state law, candlestick be compelled for public hunting, fishing, and possession of fish and resident wildlife on such areas;


Provide because that consultation with the ideal state fish and also game room in the advancement of cooperative management plans because that limiting overabundant or harmful populaces of fish and resident wildlife thereon, including the disposition the the carcasses thereof, and, except in emergency situations, certain the State"s concurrence in such plans; and


Provide because that consultation through the appropriate state fish and also game department in carrying out research study programs including the acquisition of fish and resident wildlife, consisting of the disposition of the dead body thereof, and secure the State"s concurrence in such programs.


In the instance of the national Parks, nationwide Monuments, and also historic locations of the national Park System, the Secretary shall—


Provide, whereby public fishing is permitted, that such fishing candlestick be brought out in accordance with applicable state laws and regulations, unless exclusive legislative jurisdiction has actually been yielded for together area, and also a State patent or permit shall be compelled for such fishing, unless otherwise detailed by law;


Prohibit windy hunting; and


Provide for consultation with the appropriate state fish and also game department in carrying out program of regulate of overabundant or otherwise harmful populations of fish and resident wildlife or research study programs involving the taking of such fish and also resident wildlife, consisting of the disposition of dead body therefrom.

In any kind of case wherein there is a disagreement, such disagreement candlestick be referred to the Secretary of the interior who shall carry out for a thorough conversation of the problem with representatives of the state fish and also game department and the national Park organization for the purpose of solving the disagreement.

Although this policy statement appears to be cooperative and also conciliatory in the tone and also intent, it has not fully satisfied the international Association that Game, Fish, and Conservation Commissioners.

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The Association, in a resolution embraced September 13, 1968, in ~ its yearly convention, commended the Secretary that the inner “. . . Because that attempting to settle this dispute. . .” but “. . . Urges the conference to enact law reaffirming the historic jurisdiction of the claims over fish and also resident wildlife in stimulate to achieve a firm and also complete resolution that this dispute. . . .”

A detailed evaluation of state and also federal jurisdiction end fish and wildlife, including the Solicitor"s opinion quoted in full, deserve to be uncovered in a report by Swanson et al. (1969: 11-93). The legislation dealing with fish and wildlife is far too facility to testimonial thoroughly here, as shown by the fact that a compilation the the federal laws alone fills a volume the 472 pages (Magnuson, 1965b), and also that the fish and game regulations of separation, personal, instance states typically require 200 pages or more.