ABKnowledge and Employability science 10-4 (2006)10Unit C: investigate Matter and Energy in living Systems
BCAnatomy & Physiology 12 (June 2018)12Big Idea: body organ systems have facility interrelationships to keep homeostasis
BCLife scientific researches 11 (June 2018)11Big Idea: Life is a result of interaction at the molecular and also cellular levels.
BCScience class 10 (March 2018)10Big Idea: energy is conserved and its transformation can impact living things and the environment.

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NSScience grade 8 (2020)8Learners will analyse just how the features of cells relate come the needs of organisms.
NTKnowledge and also Employability science 10-4 (Alberta, 2006)10Unit C: investigating Matter and Energy in living Systems
NTScience 14 (Alberta, 2003, to update 2014)10Unit C: investigating Matter and also Energy in life Systems
NUKnowledge and Employability science 10-4 (2006)10Unit C: investigate Matter and also Energy in life Systems
YTAnatomy & Physiology 12 (British Columbia, June 2018)12Big Idea: Homeostasis is kept through physiological processes.
YTAnatomy & Physiology 12 (British Columbia, June 2018)12Big Idea: body organ systems have facility interrelationships to preserve homeostasis
YTScience great 10 (British Columbia, June 2016)10Big Idea: energy is conserved and its change can influence living things and the environment.
YTScience grade 8 (British Columbia, June 2016)8Big Idea: Life processes are performed in ~ the cellular level.
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Learn how and where osmosis takes location in the cradle system and also excretory system and also the duty of osmosis in kidney dialysis.


Imagine playing basketball through your friend on a warm summer day. By the finish of the game, you feel thirsty. You decide to drink some water. But have you ever wondered exactly how your body absorbs it? 

It happens because of osmosis. We will look at how osmosis happens and also why that is vital for our bodies.

What is a semipermeable membrane?

Before we jump into osmosis, we require to recognize some crucial things around cells. The cell in our bodies room surrounded by a wall-like structure referred to as a cabinet membrane. This membrane is special due to the fact that only water and also very little molecules have the right to pass with it. We use words semipermeable to explain the capacity to just let details things pass with a membrane.


Water and little molecules can pass with a semipermeable membrane and also into a cell (Let’s Talk scientific research using picture by ttsz via iStockphoto).


Why is this membrane important? It’s due to the fact that water should pass through semipermeable membrane to travel from one ar in our body to another. 

What are solutes and solvents? 

Osmosis is once water molecules travel from a ar with low solute concentration to a ar with high solute concentration. To understand this better, we have to talk around solutes and solvents. A solute is a chemical that have the right to dissolve in a solvent. Chemicals that deserve to do this are dubbed soluble. Once you dissolve one or much more solutes right into a solvent, you gain a solution. Sugar and salt are both chemicals that room soluble in water.


When girlfriend dissolve a dissolve chemical prefer sugar in water, you space making a systems (Let’s Talk scientific research using photo by ttsz via iStockphoto).

Did you know? 

Water is often called “the global solvent” because so countless things deserve to dissolve in it.

What is concentration?

You may have actually heard some assets described as concentrated - prefer laundry detergent or orange juice. Focused refers come the amount of solute compared to the lot of solvent in a solution. When there is a the majority of solute compared to solvent, a systems is stated to be concentrated. When there is a small amount the solute compared to solvent, climate a systems is stated to be dilute

Did you know?

Tap water is actually a solution! This is because tap water is not just H2O (water). It likewise contains minerals favor calcium. In tap water, water is the solvent and also the minerals space the solutes. 


The focused solution on the left has much more molecules of solute than the dilute systems on the ideal (Let’s Talk science using picture by ttsz via iStockphoto).

Did you know?

Osmolarity refers to the total concentration of all solutes in the solution. 

When solutions of different osmolarities space separated by a membrane that allows water yet not solutes happen through, water will relocate from the next with lower osmolarity (high concentration of water) come the side with higher osmolarity (lower concentration of water).

Moving water from location to place is what permits plants and animals to store their level of water and also of nutrients in balance or equilibrium. In life things, every processes involved in maintaining conditions necessary for survival is dubbed homeostasis. It’s type of prefer the story the Goldilocks and the three Bears. Organisms prefer to keep whatever not too hot, not too cold, but just right!

Osmosis and also our Gastro-intestinal System 

So currently that girlfriend know much more about osmosis, it’s time to talk about your gastro-intestinal (GI) system - the parts of your body that faces food and drink. 

When girlfriend eat food or drink water, it travel from your mouth, under your esophagus and into her stomach. In the stomach, the food is damaged into tiny pieces that are blended with stomach liquids. This mush of food and also stomach liquids is called chyme. The chyme travels right into the tiny intestine. This is wherein osmosis bring away place. 

The chyme has actually a higher concentration 보다 the epithelial cells the line your intestines. So, in bespeak to reach homeostasis, water moves into these cells with their semipermeable membranes, taking tiny nutrients in addition to it. Near the epithelial cells room capillaries. The water and nutrients move through the cells of the capillaries and also into the bloodstream. 

Did girlfriend know?

About ripe litres of liquid goes right into your GI mechanism each day and the small intestine absorbs 8 the those litres!


Water absorption in the small intestines (Let’s Talk science using an image by TefiM via iStockphoto).Graphic - message Version

Chyme overcome from the stomach right into the small intestines. In ~ the tiny intestine are folds of tissue called villi. Water passes with the epithelial cells on the villi and into capillaries which carry blood.

Osmosis and our Kidneys

The water in your blood then travels to your kidneys. Kidneys are few of the most complicated parts of the body, and also they usage osmosis together well. 

Kidneys are consisted of of two components - the cortex and medulla. The cortex is the outer part and the medulla is the inner component of the kidney. 

The kidney are consisted of of teams of cells referred to as renal pyramids. Each pyramid contains tiny units called nephrons. Nephrons look choose a bunch of tubes linked to each other. Nephrons are important due to the fact that they help filter waste out of your blood and also put it into your urine. 

Inside every kidney space two key layers - the medulla and the cortex. Inside each renal pyramid room nephrons (Let’s Talk scientific research using photo by lukaves via iStockphoto).


The largest component of every nephron is inside the medulla. The atmosphere of the medulla has actually a greater osmolarity 보다 the within of the nephron. You know what that method - osmosis time! Water travels from inside the nephron tubes, with a semipermeable membrane, out into the medulla. Eventually, concentrated urine is left in the nephron. The to pee travels through the ureter to the bladder.


So you can see that the kidneys have actually a an important role in your body. But what wake up if among your kidneys can’t perform its project anymore? This is once doctors need to use dialysis come help. 

A dialysis maker also provides a semipermeable membrane. It works in a similar way to a nephron. Blood is pumped beside a membrane that has dialysis liquid on the other side. Because of osmosis, the water in the blood, and also very tiny molecules of waste, move across the membrane right into the dialysis fluid. Eventually the dialysis fluid will remove all of the waste products it can from the blood. It is why dialysis deserve to be life-saving for people who don’t have healthy kidneys.

Does osmosis reason your finger to wrinkles in water? 

Have you ever noticed exactly how your fingers end up being wrinkly after sitting in the bath also long? You could think this is because osmosis is causing water to leave her finger cells and into the bathtub water. That’s what doctors provided to think.

In the 1930s, Dr. T. Lewis and also Dr. G.W. Pickering listed that people with nerve damages in your fingers walk not endure this wrinkling. If your fingers only wrinkled because of osmosis, climate nerve damages would not change it in ~ all! Thus, that was discovered that osmosis is no responsible because that the wrinkling, but it’s actually due to our sympathetic nerves. 

Sympathetic nerves room a special form of nerves that aid with vasoconstriction, which is the narrowing that the blood vessels. The nerves make the skin ~ above our fingers wrinkle. The wrinkles act like threads top top tires. This permits us to gain a much better grip on points in water. Our ancestors may have benefited from wrinkly feet to good footing in wet areas.

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Let’s summary what we have learned: 

Osmosis is when water move from an area of short solute concentration (low osmolarity) to an area the HIGH solute concentration (high osmolarity) through a semipermeable membrane.Osmosis is one of the most important ways the plants and animals accomplish homeostasis. Keeping the body"s problems stable renders it possible for living points to survive. Osmosis plays crucial role in the human body, specifically in the gastro-intestinal system and also the kidneys. Osmosis helps you acquire nutrients the end of food. It likewise gets waste commodities out of her blood.

I admit, that was rather a little bit of information! perhaps it’s time come drink part water and also eat a snack!