One of the well-known recurring themes in anime background is that some characters look opposing of their actual gender. The reason might be due to the fact that of looks, and also some simply prefer to become a mrs at heart. There are numerous collection lately that are mirroring this theme, and also even well-known shonen collection like One Piece and also Naruto had actually their same share of together characters.

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Haku is a masculine character in the Naruto series who dresses and looks so feminine. To it is in honest, everyone watching Naruto for the very first time will react that he is just one of the most beautiful female characters in the series. However upon learning an ext about Haku, we acquired slapped v the bitterness reality.

In this article, we will certainly not talk about Haku’s unique Kekkei Genkai, the Ice-Release, and also his jutsus. We will talk around his gender, and so together the factor why he made decision to dress favor a lady. In this way, we will certainly understand an ext about this short-lived, yet very popular companion of Zabuza, who is a well-known character in his own right, too.

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Is Haku A young Or A Girl?
was Haku originally a Girl?
Why is Haku for this reason Feminine?
What illustration or thing Did They disclose Haku’s Gender?

Is Haku A boy Or A Girl?


Haku was very first shown in illustration 9 that Naruto in the anime, and Chapter 15 in the manga. However, this is no the component where the revealed his gender. He to be never presented properly in this component as well, just as gift the enigmatic masked companion of Zabuza, thus never revealing his challenge at all, too.

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The actual part where Haku revealed his gender was in episode 12, or chapter 21 in the manga when he to be unmasked and seemed to it is in in disguise together a local picking up medicinal plants. He uncovered Naruto resting in the woods as he was picking up some plants. The two then had actually a chat, whereby Naruto was impressing him around his training, believing the Haku is a girl due to the fact that of his looks.

This scene also caused Haku to tell Naruto that he is a boy, but Naruto still told him that he is “prettier than Sakura” because of his looks. Transparent the conversation, Haku to be never shown to have actually a feminine characteristic, as he was just having a to plan chat through Naruto due to the fact that he found him lying near him in the woods. 

As you deserve to see, Haku is just a girl in terms of appearance. But in terms of his original sexuality and also behavior, he is quiet a young at heart. It’s simply that he got the rare problem of gift an androgynous – no more, no less!