Just together the concern asks: Why did Anakin come to believe that Padmé might be conserved if he taken on the Dark next of the Force? Padmé plainly didn"t believe it. Why was Anakin so pushed to save Padmé through the dark side?

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You need to read the novelization the Revenge that the Sith. It yes, really helps you to know the conflict and the inner fears in Anakin. It's a excellent book and, in my opinion, which a better quality 보다 the movie itself.
When he an initial looked because that advice indigenous Yoda about his vision, he did not hear what he want to hear. Native Star battles Episode 3 Revenge that the Sith Script

YODA: careful you need to be once sensing the future, Anakin. The are afraid of ns is a route to the dark side. ANAKIN: ns won"t let these visions come true, understand Yoda. YODA: fatality is a natural component of life. Rejoice because that those approximately you who transform right into the Force. Mourn them, carry out not. Miss out on them, execute not. Attachment leader to jealousy. The zero of greed, the is. ANAKIN: What must I do, master Yoda? YODA: Train you yourself to let go of whatever you are afraid to lose.

But later, Palpatine told him about a possible method to conserve her :

PALPATINE: I believed not. It"s no a story the Jedi would tell you. It"s a Sith legend. Darth Plagueis to be a Dark lord of the Sith, so powerful and so way he can use the force to influence the midi-chlorians to produce life ... He had actually such a understanding of the dark side the he can even store the ones the cared about from dying. ANAKIN: He might actually save human being from death? PALPATINE: The dark next of the force is a pathway to countless abilities some take into consideration to be unnatural.

So, Anakin"s dilemma was that Yoda told him he should accept Padmé"s death and also Palpatine told him he can avoid the by turning to the Dark Side.

Palpatine likewise told him that the Dark side is no Evil together the Jedi called him and also made him doubt the real intention that the Jedi order, the they whereby hanging ~ above power and also that your actions whereby not always for the better good. In the end, Anakin turned come the Dark next to save Padmé, but likewise because he had some dispute of opinion v the order. He was convinced that he to be doing the appropriate thing.