Where room They Now? The actors Of Charmed Charmed was a beloved supernatural TV series, yet where room stars climbed McGowan, Alyssa Milano, Shannen Doherty, and also Holly Marie Combs now?

3 pretty sister living in mountain Francisco trying come navigate relationships, careers, and sibling rivalry seems an ext or less like a female-centric full House. Yet throw in telekinesis, demons, warlocks, guardian angels? You’ve gained eight seasons of tiny screen success. Charmed followed the Halliwell sisters, additionally known as The Charmed Ones, who room the many powerful great witches in the world. The sisters used their linked Power of 3 to protect the citizens of mountain Francisco indigenous evil.

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Premiering on The WB in 1998, the show had some significant star strength behind it through Shannen Doherty, Holly Marie Combs, and also Alyssa Milano as the initial three sisters. All three actresses had actually been on formerly successful shows, and fans took to the collection immediately. The first episode, “Something Wicca This way Comes,” was the highest possible debut illustration in the network"s background at the point. After Shannen Doherty left the show, an additional well-known actress, climbed McGowan, took her place, and also the show ongoing to it is in a success.

A reboot set in the 1970s on The CW has actually been confirmed, yet it is not well-known if the initial actresses or any kind of of the supporting cast will do an appearance, together the brand-new series is not likely to connect to the original. If they aren’t functioning on a reboot, wherein is the actors of Charmed now?

much better known in the demonic civilization as Belthazor, Cole Turner was a half-human and also half-demon assassin top top assignment to death the Charmed Ones. His diabolical setup hits a snag, however, once he falls for the youngest sister Phoebe (Alyssa Milano). Love can make a demon execute crazy things, favor renouncing evil and also becoming an allied of the sisters.

Julian is the kid of former Prime Minister of Australia, teacher William McMahon, and also he acquired his start in the industry on the Australian soap, Home and Away. Other than his role as Belthazor/Cole Turner, McMahon is probably most well-known from FX’s Nip/Tuck, where he played among the command characters, Christian Troy, a callous doctor with a soft side. He most recently starred in SyFy"s canceled Hunters series and will star in 1970s-based comedy referred to as Flammable Children together Kylie Minogue and Guy Pearce.

drew Fuller played kris Halliwell, the center child the Piper Halliwell (Holly Marie Combs) and Leo Wyatt (Brian Krause). His character to be a “Whitelighter hybrid,” together his parentage is combined witch/Whitelighter. Drew made his first appearance as kris in season 5 to warn The Charmed Ones about the devastating Titans, who have collection their website on the wonder creatures of mountain Francisco. Oh, and also he was Piper’s child from the future that traveled back in time to stop Piper and Leo’s infant kid from cultivation up to it is in a dictator.

After Charmed, Fuller went on to star in Lifetime"s Army Wives as second Lieutenant Trevor LeBlanc. He additionally made a guest appearance in a music video clip for his Charmed co-star Balthazar Getty"s band Ringside. Most recently, he can be checked out in an episode of the fourth season the Netflix"s Longmire. If Fuller doesn’t show up to have any steady duties presently, he is been really active on society media in to express his appreciation because that the Charmed fandom. He additionally has one Instagram account that will provide just around anybody wanderlust.

Zankou was among the Charmed One’s biggest threats in season 7. A an effective demon, Zankou to be intelligent, ruthless, and feared by other demons. Israeli-born Oded Fehr is no stranger to mythological movies and TV series, of course. He’s ideal known for his duty as Ardeth Bay, a warrior that is sworn to avoid the resurrection the Imhotep, in The Mummy and The Mummy Returns. He also appeared in two of the Resident Evil movies as Carlos Olivera, a former U.B.C.S. Commando elite soldier.

He"s additionally an energetic presence in the voice exhilaration scene as well, loan his vocals come a variety of animated series, consisting of Justice League, Hulk and Agents the S.M.A.S.H., and also American Dad! Fehr many recently appeared in 24: Legacy together Asim Naseri, second-in-command of terror leader bin-Khalid. He has actually three children and lives in Los Angeles with his wife.

12 Karis Paige Bryant (Jenny Gordon)

Jenny Gordon moved onto the Charmed Ones’ block in season 2 when she involved live through her uncle, Dan Gordon, while she parents room on business in Saudi Arabia. Jenny befriended the Halliwell sisters, as she discovered them much more relatable than her uncle. Play by Karis Paige Bryant, Jenny was composed out the the display after 4 episodes because her character wasn’t obtained well by the fanbase in ~ large.

Though she has actually been functioning as one actress due to the fact that she to be 5, Bryant hasn’t had countless roles since her work on Charmed. Follow to her IMDB page, the would show up that the actress had taken a hiatus indigenous the exhilaration game. Last year, she announced via Twitter the she has actually a brand-new agent and also is right now auditioning because that roles. She to be last viewed onscreen in the ABC series Final Witness in 2012.

Multimillionaire and owner that "The bay Mirror," the fictional san Francisco newspaper where Phoebe works, Jason Dean was an initial introduced in season 5. Played by Eric Dane, Jason catfishes Phoebe (before catfishing was also a thing) when she’s assigned to write an post on digital dating. Jason and also Phoebe dated for over a year, however he broke up v her after he finds out that she a witch.

Dean is more than likely mostly recognized as Dr. Mark Sloan, aka “McSteamy,” in seven periods of Grey"s Anatomy. He"s to be married to Rebecca Gayheart, “the Noxema girl," due to the fact that 2004. Scandal rocked the pair in 2009 as soon as a decidedly NSFW video (though no quite a sex tape outright) emerged of Dean and Gayhart with miss USA contestant Kari Ann Peniche. In 2011, Dean checked right into a therapy facility for dependency on prescription drugs. Things are looking up for Dean these days, however, together he’s at this time serving as the series lead in the Michael Bay-produced TV drama The critical Ship on TNT.

10 Ted King (Andy Trudeau)

presented in season one, Ted King"s Andy Trudeau to be a detective for san Francisco’s finest and the partner of Darryl Morris. He’s among the Halliwell sisters’ best childhood friends and also Prue’s very first true love. Together things typically go on TV shows, he is pretty lot on every situation that entails the Halliwells, and he eventually finds the end their true identities. Trudeau ended up conference a shocking demise, acquiring killed by the demon Rodriguez in the season one finale.

Since obtaining killed turn off Charmed, Ted King has actually been functioning steadily in TV, showing up in One Life to Live, Elementary, NCIS, Amazon’s Alpha House, and also Hawaii Five-0 to name a few. He’s proactively involved in both Make-a-Wish structure and The Malala Fund. Fans deserve to keep up v his acting endeavors and also causes top top his website TedKing.com.

uneven his companion Andy, Dorian Gregory’s character Darryl Morris stuck roughly after season 1 -- until season 7, to it is in exact. Initially suspicious that the Halliwell sisters, Darryl i do not care close to them ~ Andy’s fatality when the learns that they’re no just regular sisters, however witches. Darryl i do not care their man on the inside of the police force, help them dodge suspicion and also cover up situations that are concerned demons. Darryl did not return for season 8 early to budget plan cuts, according to Charmed executive producer Brad Kern.

After Charmed, Dorian continued his gig as the fourth and final organize of Soul Train. Diagnosed with form 1 diabetes as a child, Dorian is a spokesperson because that the youth Diabetes study Foundation, and according to his Facebook, he newly was a guest speaker at a diabetes conference in Paris. Dorian has actually an energetic Facebook visibility where he write-ups lots of selfies and also regularly responds to Charmed fans, and he freshly popped up in an illustration of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

8 Brian Krause (Leo Wyatt)

various other than the Halliwell sisters, the character of Leo Wyatt showed up in the most episodes the Charmed. Played by Brian Krause, Leo was a Whitelighter, a guardian angel who assisted the Charmed persons navigate their powers and also the wonder world. He had actually the capacity to teleport -- or orb, together it was dubbed on the present -- to various places. Leo and also Piper end up marrying and also having three children, including Chris, their previously mentioned son indigenous the future.

Leo was a key character in Charmed up until the very last episode. Since the collection ended, Brian has had tiny roles on a few notable television shows, consisting of Mad Men, The Closer, and Castle. He’s also been in a variety of indie movies, and also was most recently the star in a horror flick referred to as Be Afraid. He’s active on both Twitter and Facebook and also continues to show up on the ComicCon circuits.

In Charmed, Richard Montana was recorded in the middle of an ancient witch household feud. The Montana household had been fighting with the Callaway family members for eternity, yet Richard fell in love v Olivia Callaway. Favor Romeo and Juliet, a tragic end awaited the star-crossed lovers, and Olivia was killed in crossfire. The Halliwell sisters helped put Olivia’s heart to rest and Richard and also Paige (Rose McGowan) started dating. Richard’s struggles captured up with him, though, and also he can no longer handle magic. He ended up acquisition a potion to complimentary himself the his powers.

The actor who played Richard is component of a renowned real-life family, the Gettys, together his great-grandfather founded Getty Oil. Balthazar starred as cutting board Grace top top Alias and as Tommy walker in Brothers & Sisters. Later on this month, he will appear in the Twin Peaks reboot in a yet-to-be-announced role.

6 Kaley Cuoco (Billie Jenkins)

Charmed executive producer Brad Kern produced Billie Jenkins after the show’s network, The WB, requested a brand-new character to expand the collection for a feasible season 9 (which never ever happened) or spin-off (which hasn’t happened...yet). This brought about the creation of Billie, a young witch with telekinesis powers (like Carrie!) that sought training from the Halliwell sisters.

Kaley Cuoco just starred as billy in season 8, yet she has found significant success post-Charmed. After ~ season 8 ended, Kaley landed the duty of coin in the mega-hit CBS series Big Bang Theory, which was freshly renewed for an 11th and also 12th season. She’s starred in a number of films, most recently appearing in Handsome: A Netflix an enig Movie starring Curb her Enthusiasm’s Jeff Garlin. In enhancement to her onscreen success, she’s an pet rights activist, an especially working toward the fair treatment of pitbulls, and also she"s hosted occasions for the wake up for Pits Foundation.

as the next door neighbor come the Halliwell sisters, Dan Gordon, played by Greg Vaughan, can’t assist but pick up on few of their strangeness. It i do not care especially apparent when the starts date Piper (who was on a break from Leo), who on regular basis disappears and also dodges his concerns as he i do not care suspicious. They damaged up after Dan couldn’t take her elusiveness any kind of longer.

Greg was only a 2nd season character, yet post-Charmed, Dan Gordon has appreciated a successful soap opera career. He’s remained in the trifecta of American soaps: The Young and the Restless (2002–03), General Hospital (2003–09), and Days of our Lives (2012–2016). That even appeared on The Tyra Show in a segment wherein he put organize Tyra financial institutions through soap opera school. Dan can right now be uncovered on the Oprah Winfrey-produced TV crime collection Queen Sugar, together Detective Calvin.

4 Holly Marie Combs (Piper Halliwell)

as the middle Halliwell sister, Piper is shown as the sweet and also kind peacemaker among her sisters. After ~ Prue (Shannen Doherty) dies, she personality changed into a fierce protector, as she was all of sudden the eldest of the sisters.

Piper is the just character to show up in every episode of Charmed. And beginning in season 5, Combs became one the the producers of the show. In she post-witch days, the actress hosted a steady function as Ella Montgomery, mommy to Lucy Hale’s Aria Montgomery, in every 7 seasons of Pretty tiny Liars. In 2014, she rejoined with she Charmed co-star, Shannen Doherty, for a road pilgrimage reality present called Off the Map with Shannen & Holly, which appeared on the great American nation channel.

In regards come the Charmed reboot, Holly hasn’t claimed much, various other than tweeting, “We wish them well,” implying the the original actresses i will not ~ be a part of it.

after Prue Halliwell’s fatality at the finish of season 3 (and Shannen Doherty’s leave from the show), climbed McGowan was presented as the Halliwells’ half-sister, Paige Matthews. The Halliwells’ mother, Patty, had actually a an enig affair through her whitelighter, Sam, and Paige was your love child. Due to her mixed witch/whitelighter heritage, Paige can teleport objects native one ar to another.

After Charmed ended, climbed starred in the Quentin Tarantino/Robert Rodriguez double-feature Grindhouse. In Planet Terror, rose played the top gogo dancer Cherry Darling, whose leg it s okay torn turn off by a zombie. Never fear, because that she opted for a minigun prosthetic replacement.

In recent years, rose has end up being a vocal critic of how Hollywood treats and also promotes women, and also the twin standards of casting. In 2015, she tweeted around a spreading call she acquired that asked because that actresses come wear form fitting tank tops and leggings. She’s remained a vocal critic of Hollywood, and also has most recently dubbed out the lack of promotion for Wonder Woman.

2 Alyssa Milano (Phoebe Halliwell)

In the very first three periods of Charmed, Phoebe to be the infant of the Halliwell clan. She has the power of premonition, meaning that she have the right to see into the future, despite she could glimpse the previous as well. Transparent the series, her abilities gain stronger, later gaining the strength of levitation and also empathy. She’s portrayed as carefree in the show"s early days, however after Prue dies and Paige is introduced, she becomes much more of a peacekeeper in between the sisters, taking on one early-Piper-like role.

Alyssa has operated steadily because Charmed, appearing in commercials, lifetime movies, and in TV guest roles. She’s also a published author; in 2009, she created a book around her baseball fandom, and also she also created a comic book collection called Hacktivist. Her next role will be in Netflix’s Wet warm American Summer: Ten year Later.

Like her co-star increased McGowan, Alyssa is a vocal activist and philanthropist, specifically in the ar of autonomous politics. She has actively been campaigning for Jon Ossoff, the autonomous nominee in the 2017 distinct election in Georgia"s sixth congressional district.

The eldest the the Halliwells, Prue was shown as the most powerful witch of the clan and also the leader come the family. She has actually the powers of telekinesis and also astral projection (being two places at once), and also she’s also skilled in ~ hand-to-hand combat. Despite her strength, she was killed through Shax, a powerful demon, in ~ the finish of season 3. In reality, Shannen Doherty, that played Prue, was having some rumored behind-the-scenes drama v her co-star Alyssa Milano.

Love her or dislike her, Doherty has had actually a long and also entertaining job in the spotlight. After Charmed, Shannen appeared in the reboot for another show she notoriously left: Beverly Hills 90210. In the spin-off, her character Brenda Walsh return to Beverly Hills High together the guest director of the high institution musical.

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Sadly, Shannen to be diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015. She has been documenting her endure with cancer on Facebook and also candidly discussing her treatments through fans. In far better news, she announced in April 2017 the her cancer is in remission. “I’m simply going come breathe,” she posted, finish with the hashtag #cancerslayer.


Should the Charmed reboot include any kind of of the original stars the the series? let us know in the comments!