The exactly answer is C. Dreary.This is because Le Morte d"Arthur is complete of melancholy inducing moments because of the fact that everything will fall apart in ~ a details point. Arthur"s death, and his loss, is inevitable, therefore is the loss of Camelot, and of his Knights of the round Table.

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c. Dreary


Le Morte d"Arthur was created by thomas Malory and tells the story the King Arthur and also the knights of the round table, gift the most popular book about King Arhtur and also his companions.

The book is based on English chronicles and presents a dreary tone, developing a heavy and also serious atmosphere, particularly in the last chapters, whereby Arthur"s fatality approaches and the kingdom is the weight of shedding a hero and also an admirable leader.

Correct answer choice is :

C) Dreary


Le Morte d"Arthur is a reworking that living story by Sir cutting board Malory that the legend King Arthur, Guinevere, Lancelot, Merlin, and also the Knights that the ring Table. The correct surname of the writer of Le Morte D"Arthur has long stayed the matter of thought, fan to the fact that at the very least six actual human being bore the surname of Sir thomas Malory in the late 15th century. In the practice, the writer portrays himself together Knight defendant cutting board Malleorre. This is supplied as encouraging data for the summary most generally believed by scholars that the author was the thomas Malory born in the year 1416, to Sir man Malory that Newbold Revel, Warwickshire.

The answer is: c. Dreary.

The tone of a written job-related is the mindset of the author towards the subject. A dreary ton expresses a somber, gloomy perspective.

In "Le Morte D"Arthur," the writer narrates the story in a cheerless, dismal manner, creating a general feeling the mortality before Arthur dies.

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The rest of the options are incorrect because the composition does not incorporate neither irony or language come mock the characters for their actions, nor an education or instructional point of view.


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