FLAT WATER: Nebraska might not have an ext miles of river than any other state, however it's still blessed through plenty the water. The state itself was called from an Otoe word an interpretation "flat water."

When Nebraska was inundated with extreme floods along several of the state"s major waterways this spring, countless made claims that the Cornhusker State is home to more miles of river than any other state.

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While it"s an excellent that civilization are paying attention to ours state"s beautiful herbal resources (even if the is in a time the tragedy), it"s worth mentioning that Nebraska does not, in fact, have much more miles of flow than any kind of other state. Trust me — I"m simply as guilty together anyone at propagating this falsehood.

It"s extensively disseminated ~ above the web as well, yet that doesn"t make it any kind of less false. Think about it — Alaska, the biggest state in the U.S., an ext than double the dimension of Texas and much more than eight time the dimension of Nebraska, surely need to have more miles the river.

Indeed, follow to the official website for the nationwide Wild and also Scenic Rivers System, Alaska has 365,000 miles of river, compared with Nebraska"s 79,056 and Texas" 184,797.

The nationwide Wild and also Scenic Rivers system designates 197 mile of river in Nebraska as wild and also scenic — most of which room on the Niobrara and also Missouri rivers along the north boundary of the state. However, everyone who"s to be canoeing or "tanking" ~ above the Niobrara flow knows the entire 568 miles the river runs with Wyoming and Nebraska room scenic.

And every of Nebraska"s rivers is exceptional in its very own way. The state itself was called from one Otoe word an interpretation "flat water" — referring to the Platte River, i m sorry runs about 310 miles from west to eastern in Nebraska (more than 1,000 mile if the tributary, the phibìc Platte River, is included).

Nebraska"s rivers include Beaver Creek, the huge Blue River, Calamus River, Dismal River, Elkhorn River, Frenchman Creek, small Blue River, Lodgepole Creek, Logan Creek, Loup River, medication Creek, center Loup River, Niobrara River, phibìc Fork huge Nemaha River, north Loup River, phibìc Platte River, Platte River, Republican River, shell Creek, south Loup River, southern Platte River, White River and Wood River.

Nebraska has much more than 4,500 feet the elevation adjust from its highest point in the west to the lowest allude in the southeast, and all these rivers ultimately finish up feeding the Missouri river to the east — including those rivers that flow from Nebraska and also into Kansas or southern Dakota.

As such, the whole of Nebraska"s watersheds is within a solitary hydrologic unit code, or HUC — a set of numbers that determine a hydrologic feature. The smaller the watershed, the more numbers essential to recognize it.

In Nebraska"s case, all of the state falls under a single two-digit HUC, needing just two number to recognize it — it"s also the largest two-digit HUC in the lower 48. At 520,960 square miles, it encompasses all of the area draining right into the Missouri River.

Nebraska is a state well-known for its water sources — consisting of the Ogallala Aquifer the lies beneath the surface of the state — and also the nearly 80,000 miles of river that run through it. Although most of Nebraska"s watering is pumped native groundwater, surface watering still theatre a function — specifically in the Panhandle, southwest, south-central and north-central parts of the state.

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And Nebraska"s network that creeks and also rivers also contribute come alluvial aquifers. Nebraska may not have much more miles of flow than any kind of other state, but it"s still blessed with ample water resources — component of what renders it not only the Cornhusker State and the Beef State, but additionally the watering State.