The is (3) 0.200 kJ. The conversion between joules and kilojoules is that 1 joule = 0.001 kilojoules. So us can quickly get the the 200 joules amounts to to 0.200 kJ.

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Joules is the unit to measure up energy.

Heat is a type of energy that have the right to be measured using Joules.

We are asked to discover the quantity of warmth in kJ. Therefore we have to transform joules (J) come kilo joules (kJ)

1000 joules is equivalent to 1 kJ

then 1 J = 1/1000 kJ


200 J is indistinguishable to

kJ is 3) 0.200 kJ water

For plenty of centuries, it was considered that there were just three says of matter: solid, liquid and also gas (the three that are present and also stable in our world). And also water is the substance that finest represents them, due to the fact that it is the only one the exists normally in the three states.

Explanation: Matter can exist in among three key states: solid, liquid, or gas.

Solid issue is composed of tightly packed particles. ...

Liquid matter is do of more loosely packed particles. ...

Gaseous matter is written of particles pack so loosely the it has neither a identified shape nor a identified volume.

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The is A, Covalent.

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The buoy will move up and down together the wave passes by. A buoy is one anchored floating object. It is supplied by sailors to navigate with the waters. It is additionally used to note reefs and other hazards. When strong waves go by, the buoy will move with the circulation of the wave.

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7. Which of the complying with units would be MOST ideal for measuring
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im pretty sure the is b

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