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Multiple choice Questions for Crustal Deformation - chapter 15

Each thing will include a couple of questions designed to test your understanding of product covered in the chapter and in the Internet-based resources. Your answers are not being recorded. Shot the following. The emboldened of a unit to represent the ___________ .direction the intersection of the rock layer one a horizontal surfacepart of the unit which has actually been erodedangle at which the bed inclines native the horizontaltilt the the absent unit prior to deformationIf you space flying in an airplane and you look down at the landscape, you space seeing a ___________ check out of the Earth.mapcross-sectionallateralhorizontalIf look at a vertical confront of a cliff or a roadcut, you space seeing a ___________ view of the Earth.mapcross-sectionallateralhorizontalWhich the the following types of tectonic pressures tends to press two sides of a human body in opposite directions so that they on slide horizontally previous one another?tensional forcesshearing forcescompressive forcesnone that theseWhat type of forces overcome at divergent bowl margins?tensional forcesshearing forcescompressive forcesnone that theseWhat type of forces conquer at convergent key margins?tensional forcesshearing forcescompressive forcesnone of theseThe angle at i beg your pardon a sedimentary bed is inclined native the horizontal is referred to as the _____.anticlinestrikesynclinedipWhich of the following is no a tectonic pressure responsible because that folding or faulting rocks?compressive forcetensional forceshear forceall of these space tectonic forcesThe 2 sides of a wrinkles are referred to as its ________ .anticlinessynclineslimbsaxial planesAt convergent plate borders one would mean to discover _______.foldsfaultsfolds and also faultsneither folds or faultsAt divergent plate borders one would mean to uncover _______.foldsfaultsfolds and also faultsneither wrinkle or faultsAt change plate borders one would intend to uncover _______.foldsfaultsfolds and faultsneither wrinkle or faultsWhich that the complying with statements about rock deformation is false?deep crustal rocks are much more likely to deform ductily than shallow crustal rockshotter rocks are much more likely to deform ductily than cooler rocksmost sedimentary rocks are much more deformable than igneous rocksrocks under short confining press are much more likely to deform ductily 보다 rocks under high confining pressureThe best difference in between rock deformation experiments performed in a laboratory and also rock deformation the occurs naturally is the _______.the temperatures room much reduced in laboratory experiments 보다 in naturethe pressures are much lower in laboratory experiments 보다 in naturethe time of deformation is much shorter in laboratory experiments 보다 in naturereal rocks space not offered in laboratory experiments as they room in natureLaboratory experiments show that ________.most igneous rocks are much more deformable than most sedimentary rocksmost igneous rocks are less deformable than many sedimentary rocksbasement rocks are an ext ductile 보다 young sedimentsyoung sediments are very brittle and not quickly deformedAn overturned fold is identified by ___________ . 2 limbs at right angles to one anothertwo four dipping in the very same direction - through one tilted beyond verticaltwo limbs dipping in the opposite directionstwo limbs not parallel to each otherWhat species of tectonic forces cause faulting?compressive forcestensional forcesshearing forcesall the theseWhich of the complying with is an instance of a fault wherein the motion is mainly horizontal?a strike on slide faulta right-lateral faulta transform faultall the theseWhat species of faults are connected with shearing forces?normal faultsreverse faultsstrike-slipall that theseWhat type of error is characterized by the rocks over the fault aircraft moving downward relative to the rocks listed below the error plane?normal faultsreverse faultsstrike-slipall that theseHow plenty of angular measurements does it take to describe the orientation of error surface?1234A sample that marble has deformed as a brittle substance throughout a activities experiment. If us wish our following sample the marble come deform plastically quite than as a brittle substance, we should conduct our next experiment in ~ _________.lower temperatures and lower confining pressureslower temperatures and greater confining pressureshigher temperatures and lower confining pressureshigher temperatures and higher confining pressuresWhich the the following problems would favor folding quite than faulting?low temperatures and low confining pressureslow temperatures and also high confining pressureshigh temperatures and also low confining pressureshigh temperatures and also high confining pressuresWhich variable does not affect whether urgent is significant or gentlethe size of the applied forceslength that time the force was appliedage of the absent unitsthe ability of the rocks to stand up to deformationUpfolds or arches of layered rock are called:anticlinesfaultssynclinesunconformitiesDownfolds or basins of layered rock room called:anticlinesfaultssynclinesunconformitiesA wide circular or oval upward bulge of absent layers is referred to as a(n) _____anticlinesynclinebasindomeIf the sedimentary rocks on a geologic map kind a zigzag pattern, the underlying structure probably is composed of _________.horizontal anticlines and also synclinesplunging anticlines and also synclinesdomes and also basinstrike slip faults
The structure shown over is a(n) ________.anticlinesynclinebasindomeThe structure shown over is a(n) ________.horizontal and symmetrichorizontal and asymmetricplunging and symmetricplunging and also asymmetricWhat kind of error is characterized by the rocks above the fault plane moving upward relative to the rocks below the error plane?normalstrike slipreverseall the theseA fault aircraft strikes north-south and also dips steeply to the west. Geologic observations indicate that most of the fault activity was vertical and that Mesozoic rocks occur eastern of the fault and Paleozoic rocks take place west of the fault. What type of error is this?normala ideal lateral to win slipreverseall of theseWhat form of error is characterized by motion both follow me strike and also along dip?oblique-slipstrike slipreversenormalAn oblique-slip fault says _______tensional pressures onlycompressive forces onlyshear forces onlyshear forces merged with compressive or tensional forcesStrike-slip faults ________.have generally horizontal movement have actually primarily vertical movementhave no appreciable displacementare short angle turning back faultsWhich 2 measurements explain the orientation the a fault aircraft at a provided location?axis and also planestrike and diplateral and thrusttrend and also plungeDip-slip faults are connected with ________ forces.shearingtensionalcompressivetensional and compressiveWhat form of error is a thrust fault?low-angle typical faultlow-angle turning back faulthigh-angle turning back faultlow-angle strike-slip faultOverthrusts are brought about by large-scale _______ forces. Shearingtensionalcompressiveshear an unified with tensional and compressiveWhich of the following functions is developed in a region affected by tensional tectonic forces?an anticlinea thrust faulta strike-slip faulta rift valleyThe Red Sea is an instance of a(n) _________.anticlinestrike-slip error basinrift valleyhorst block mountainIn the geologic map below, units A, B, and C are sedimentary rocks; unit A is the oldest and unit C is the youngest.

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The sedimentary rocks are cut by a fault, indicated by the dark line, that dips 60 degrees to the northwest. What form of framework is presented on the map?a faulted synclinea faulted anticlinea folded strike-slip faultthe framework cannot be determined from the info givenWhich method do the sedimentary layers dip - presume the structure is not overturned?toward the easttoward the westtoward the center of the mapeast and westWhat kind of fault is shown on the geologic map?a typical faulta reverse faulta right-lateral faulta left-lateral faultWhy is unit A more comprehensive north of the fault than it is south of the fault?deeper levels of the structure room exposed on the north next of the faultfaulting has thinned unit A south of the fault.unit A had a change thickness prior to faultingerosion has actually removed many of unit A southern of the fault.Try these fill-in-the blanks
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