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In the advancement of enormous stars, what is the definition of the temperature 600 million K? at which stage in a sun-like star"s life is its core the the very least dense? will the Sun ever before turn into a brown dwarf? Why or why not? (SA) In general, as stars go v the last stage of post-main sequence advancement they will shed mass in the process of stable down right into their last state. Describe the mass-loss process and the final state that the star for a low mass star. (SA) contrasted to our Sun, a typical white dwarf has actually Isolated main-sequence stars as enormous as 10 to 12 time the fixed of the sun may still manage to prevent going supernova. Why? describe the number above. At what numbered allude on the graph over does the helium speed occur? What is a planetary nebula? Mass carry in binaries occurs as soon as one gigantic swells to reach the describe the number above. What is the surname of the path between the points labeled 13 and 14? How have actually Hubble pictures revised our check out of the framework of planetary nebulae, and even the potential for the sunlight to come to be one? (SA) The brightest stars in a young open up cluster will be note the turnoff fixed in a star cluster enables you to recognize its What inevitably pressures a star like the sunlight to evolve away from gift a key sequence star? The order of evolutionary stages of a star prefer the sunlight would be main Sequence, giant, planetary nebula, and finally: What is the unusual result of mass carry in the Algol binary system? You watch a low-mass helium white dwarf. What deserve to you conclude? the brighter Sirius A weighs 3 solar masses, however the white dwarf Sirius B is only around one solar mass implies: In globular clusters, the brightest stars will certainly be virtually all the carbon-rich dust in the plane of the galaxy source in What spectral type of star the is still roughly formed most recently? called hydrostatic equilibrium to the star"s mass, composition, and also evolution off the main sequence. (SA) i m sorry is provided observationally to determine the period of a star cluster? i beg your pardon stars in globular clusters are thought to be instances of mergers? A star is on the horizontal branch of the H-R diagram. Which statement is true? What spectral type of star the is still around formed longest ago? which of the following finest describes the evolutionary track complied with on the H-R diagram because that the most substantial stars? simply as a low-mass main sequence star runs the end of fuel in its core, it actually becomes brighter. Exactly how is this possible? The Roche lobe of a star in a binary star mechanism The most famous case of a more massive hot star orbiting with a much more evolved but presently less enormous red large is the eclipsing binary What is a common age for a globular cluster? What characteristics of a star swarm is offered to recognize its age? A high-mass star dies more violently than a low-mass star because: during the hydrogen shell burning step The brightest stars in aging globular clusters will certainly be What temperature is required to fuse helium right into carbon? which of the following aspects contained in your body is NOT formed in the cores the stars throughout thermonuclear fusion? i beg your pardon of the complying with is true concerning planetary nebulae? The "helium flash" occurs at what stage in mainly evolution? What is the typical age for a globular cluster associated with ours Milky Way? together a 4-10 solar mass star leaves the key sequence ~ above its method to becoming a red supergiant, that is luminosity refer to the number above. What is the surname of the path between the points labeled 10 and also 11? A solar massive star will evolve turn off the key sequence as soon as When a star"s inward gravity and also outward push are balanced, the star is said to be describe the figure above. What is the surname of the path in between the points labeled 8 and 9? In a fairly young star cluster, if the most huge stars are swelling up right into giants, the least substantial stars are refer to the number above. What is the name of the path between the points labeling 11 and 12? describe the number above. What is the name of the star labeling 10?a red giant branchb Mc The main point contracts, elevating the temperature and increasing the size of the an ar of hydrogen shell-burning.d red supergiants like Betelguese and also Antares.e the main sequence turnofff Roche Lobe.g because that a short mass star, the hydrogen fuel is exhausted and the star begins to fuse helium. Once this happens the star increases into a red giant. Ultimately the helium is exhausted and also the outer layers of the star room ejected together a planetary nebula, leaving a tiny, warm white dwarf behind.h Helium builds up in the core, when the hydrogen burning covering expands.i red giantj it is the temperature needed for carbon fusing right into heavier elements.k horizontally rightl No, the is huge enough come ignite hydrogen blend and reach the main sequence, which brown dwarfs cannot. Just objects of much less than 8% the the Sun"s mass space brown dwarfs.m due to the fact that they can likewise have strong stellar windsn is, in regards to the star"s gravity, its "zone the influence."o instead of just spherical shells, we understand that numerous if not most planetary nebulae are bipolar ejections; frequently the illustration of a "ring" comes from the double lobes coming directly at us and away native us. The detailed structure suggests that magnetic areas are molding the nebulae, and also that maybe the rotation and also perturbation the a companion star may be often involved. It might be that only binary stars can produce these spectacular mainly shrouds.p about the same mass and also a million times higher density.q main Sequencer quiet evolving toward their ZAMS positionss the is burn both hydrogen and helium.t ageu the ejected envelope, frequently bipolar, that a red giant surrounding a stellar main point remnantv Hydrostatic equilibrium means that the inward force of gravity, a product that the star"s mass, is exactly well balanced by the exterior radiation push of that thermonuclear reactions; as long as the hydrogen supply is abundant, this balance have the right to be maintained, and the star is stable on the main sequence. Once the main point helium contents grows, and the hydrogen burning covering expands, this extra radiation in the interim overwhelms gravity, and also the star begins swelling right into its large stage of evolution.w it build up a main point of inert helium.x Some are spherical, however most have actually bipolar structure.y it generates much more heat and its core ultimately collapses an extremely suddenly.z the luminosity of the key sequence turn-off pointaa remains roughly constant.ab that the collapsed companion moved mass come Sirius white asymptotic giant branchaf planetary nebulaag blue stragglersah low-mass Oaj white dwarfak 10-12 exchange rate yearsal the is component of a binary star red 12 exchange rate yearsao the star grows more luminous.ap hydrogenaq a helium white dwarfar 100 million Kas 9at horizontal branchau in hydrostatic equilibrium.av enormous blue stars in ~ the top left on the H-R diagram.