What did struggling businesses execute to try to stay open during the good Depression?They paid turn off their bank loans.They created shantytowns.They retrained workers.They laid-off workers.

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Which ideal explains why farmer in the good Depression could not repay your loans?The price of crops was too high.The price of plants was as well low.The price of topsoil was also high.The price the farm tools was as well low.
Which group would have actually been most likely to prize an ad for a fruit-picking job in California?bankers on the great Plainsfarmers in the Dust Bowlfruit growers in Californiawriters together as john Steinbeck
Which ideal describes the"brain trust" Franklin Roosevelt promised to make part of his administration?a team of America"s many successful businessmen, that would solve the economya group of Hoover"s economic advisers, that would undo previous damages to the economya team of clever advisers, who would aid Roosevelt in guiding the nation forwarda team of army veterans, that would help Roosevelt in placing Americans earlier to work
A an adverse effect that the 1933 National sector Recovery action wasemployees bargaining with employers.employers spying ~ above employees.employees spying on employers.employers bargaining with the government.
Which group would have actually been most most likely to oppose brand-new Deal reforms?farmersbusiness ownersconstruction workersbank depositors
When farmers" income fell because of low prices in the 1920s, theyproduced much more crops to repay your loans.were unable repay their loans.received credit transaction from financial institutions to repay their loans.received credit from the stock industry to repay your loans.
How did Francis Townsend influence the development of financial protection for retirement Americans?His development of "Townsend clubs" aided pressure the government into producing social security.His formation of "Townsend clubs" assisted pressure businesses right into offering pensions because that retirees.He driven for law that forced younger human being to give their tasks to the elderly.He advocated for a brand-new sales taxes intended to provide elderly retirees a guaranteed income.
On October 30, 1929, plenty of of the staying investors in the us stock markettried to produce a rally.pulled the end of the market.closed the share market.bought fallout’s stocks.
Which would certainly most most likely have arisen if Franklin Roosevelt"s righteousness reform bill had become law?It would certainly have focused power in the executive, management branch that the government.It would certainly have revived balance among the 3 branches the government.It would certainly have set a criterion for federal government intervention in the economy.It would have actually resulted in a 2nd presidential term for Roosevelt.
Which team of people was the 1930s tune "Dust bowl Blues" most likely about?migrant workers from Oklahomacomic publication heroes choose Supermanpeople who had actually a many moneypeople who resided in shantytowns
Which finest illustrates public attitudes toward conservative new Deal opposition?Several new Deal plans were declared unconstitutional.Senator Huey long was assassinated in Louisiana in 1935.Several new Deal provisions to be upheld through the supreme Court.The 1936 Republican presidential candidate shed in a landslide.
Which to be Francis Townsend best known for during the new Deal era?his radio display that criticize the governmenthis proof of Roosevelt"s programshis advocacy that pensions because that the elderlyhis authorship of the Conservative Manifesto
Californians called many migrants "Okies" becausethe migrants functioned in the fruit-picking industry.the migrants were old and also ready come retire.Californians wanted to discriminate versus them.Californians want to welcome them
Which that the following was true before the Social protection Act that 1935?Retired american were detailed for by the government.Very couple of retired Americans required financial help.Very few retired Americans had a guarantee income.Retired Americans live on pensions native their previous employers.
Which was true about the economic situation when Franklin Roosevelt campaigned because that president?It was in a serious depression.It to be recovering indigenous a depression.It was in a strong position.It remained in a steady position.
Which the the following best describes the connection in between the 1933 National industry Recovery action (NIRA) and also the 1935 national Labor relationships Act (NLRA)?The supreme Court asserted both the NIRA and the NLRA unconstitutional, bring about violence in between workers and also employers.The supreme Court asserted the NLRA unconstitutional, causing tension in between workers and employers.The supreme Court claimed the NIRA unconstitutional, bring about the passage of the NLRA.The can be fried Court claimed both the NIRA and also the NLRA to be constitutional, causing stable relations between workers and also employers.
What walk the Tennessee valley Authority (TVA) and also the public Works management (PWA) have actually in common?They both concentrated on reforestation and also land restoration.They to be both government-run building and construction programs.They both provided government assistance for labor unions.They were created to carry out electricity in rural areas.
How go the development of brand-new technology after world War I affect farmers?It assisted them produce much better crops.It aided them produce an ext crops.It required them to cut prices.It compelled them to raise prices.
As a an outcome of the Smoot-Hawley Tariff,loans were produced to assist railroads, banks, and other businesses.shantytowns were being built across the country.the Bonus army protested in Washington, DC.foreign nations refused to buy American goods.
Huey Long"s windy life can be finest characterized together one ofunsuccessful liberal activism, cut brief by his assassination.unsuccessful conservative activism, cut brief by his assassination.often-successful free activism, cut brief by his assassination.often-successful conservative activism, cut brief by his assassination.
Large numbers of people settled on the great Plains since ofthe i of the homestead Act.the start of the Depression.the usage of vapor tractors.the consolidation of farms.
A usual problem defined in famous music the the 1930s wasnot having actually money and also standing in bread lines.needing ten more cents come buy something.losing a job and trying to uncover a new one.having to consistently borrow money native friends.

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The stock market crash of 1929 to be a direct result ofa id in the stamin of the economy.a absence of confidence in the economy.a surging of growth of the economy.an underproduction of goods in the economy.
Which resulted in the dust storms of the 1930s?the consolidation of small farmsthe remove of grassthe development of cattle ranchesthe usage of dried farming

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