Density = mass/volumeSince at STP, one mole of any kind of gas rectal 22.4 liters, therefore, the volume is equal.So, we will certainly arrange based on mass.From the periodic table:mass the carbon = 12 gramsmass the calcium = 40 gramsmass the chlorine = 35.5 gramsmass of copper = 63.5 gramsBased top top this:copper has actually the highest density.

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The aspect that has maximum thickness at STP is copper.

Further explanation:

The home is a distinct feature that the substance the differentiates the from the other substances. The is classified into two types:

1. Intensive properties:

These room the properties that depend on the nature the the substance. This don"t count on the size of the system. Their values stay unaltered even if the system is further separated into a variety of subsystems. Temperature, refractive index, concentration, pressure, and density are some of the examples of intensive properties.

2. Extensive properties:

These room the properties that count on the amount of the substance. These space additive in nature once a solitary system is divided into plenty of subsystems. Mass, energy, size, weight, and also length are few of the examples of extensive properties.

Density is a characteristic building of the substance. It is characterized as the mass every unit volume. It is generally represented by


The formula to calculation the density that the liquid is,


Standard Temperature and Pressure is denoted together STP and also the volume of 1 mole that gas in ~ STP is 22.4 litres.

The volume is consistent and therefore density is directly related come mass.

Among the given elements copper has actually the greatest molar mass and that is

. Therefore the aspect that has actually maximum density at STP is copper.

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