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These suckers space on tight!On the motorists side, which way do I rotate to loose, clockwise, or counter clockwise?
Depends top top which means you are lookin at them. Left loosens appropriate tightens looking straight at the bolt unless it is a left hand thread yet I dont think that is.
Depends top top which means you room lookin in ~ them. Left loosens ideal tightens looking straight at the bolt uneven it is a left hand thread but I not think that is.

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The caliper bolts space all best hand subject - ccw to loosen. They are additionally torque-to-yield, and, follow to the Helms manual, no reusable. Spec is 52 lb ft + 90°; you should likewise use new washers, according to the manual. The brake lin installation spec is additionally tty, 115 lb in + 90°, however only the washers are replaced.regards, billb....
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