The burgeoning brand solidified its place in American background in 1944 through nine basic words. Among the most known slogans in advertising, “When You care Enough to Send the an extremely Best,” to be born native a three-by-five-inch notecard. Ed Goodman, a sales and also marketing executive, management at, jotted down his think on what stood because that – caring, quality, the best.

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Pictured in ~ right, the hall of reputation debuted top top Christmas night 1951, v the people premiere the Amahl and the Night Visitors, an initial opera through Gian Carlo Menotti. 

In 1951, NBC approached about sponsoring the an initial original opera produced especially because that television, Amahl and also the Night Visitors. J.C. Hall decided to sponsor the regime to give thanks to all the human being who purchase cards.

The opera aired ~ above Christmas Eve and moved viewers to send thousands of letters, cards, and also telegrams thanking for presenting it. This would certainly be the very first in a collection of specials the would come to be the hall of Fame.

In the much more than 60 year since, hall of reputation productions have won 81 Emmy Awards. The nationwide Academy of tv Arts and Sciences has actually presented 2 Emmy Awards to together a sponsor.

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By the time the company name was officially readjusted from room Brothers come Cards, Inc. In 1954, the heritage of entrepreneurship and innovation began by J.C. Hall was deeply ingrained.