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Boating education and learning Requirement

ORC 1547.05Completing boating course as prerequisite to licensing; exception

No human born on or ~ January 1, 1982, shall operate a powercraft powered by an ext than 10 horsepower uneven the operator has actually received a certificate for effective completion of either of the following:

A boating course approved by the nationwide Association of State Boating legislation Administrators (NASBLA); A ability examination authorized by the Ohio department of Watercraft.

A human who possesses a valid vendor mariner credential authorize by the US coastline Guard v at the very least one endorsement of grasp or operator is exempt yet shall bring onboard documentation of these credentials and present them come a legislation enforcement officer top top request.

ORC 1547.051Presenting evidence of license

A person compelled to have the certificate as indicated over and who is stopped by a law enforcement officer while operating a powercraft more than 10 horsepower, shall current to the legislation enforcement officer the certificate or proof of holding the certificate in ~ 72 hrs of being stopped.

ORC 1547.052 Powercraft Rentals

No rental service shall lease or rental a powercraft powered by much more than 10 horsepower to a human born top top or ~ January 1, 1982, uneven the person meets one of the following:

The human being signs the rental commitment or attachments indicating the they have completed an approved boating food or proficiency test as shown above;

The human being receives educational products from the rental business and passes an abbreviation exam with a score the 90% or better. Achievement of the pass score will certainly be shown on or attached come the rental agreement.

Any human being born top top or after ~ January 1, 1982, that operates or supervises the operation of a leased or rented powercraft, shall satisfy the requirements in the paragraphs over and be called as an operator on the rental agreement.

Operator Age

Child Operators: Supervising Person

ORC 1547.06 son operators

Except as provided, no person under 16 years of age shall run a personal watercraft (PWC). Individuals 12 come 15 year of period may run a PWC if a supervising person 18 years of age or older is also onboard. In the case of a supervising person born ~ above or after January 1, 1982, the supervising human being must organize a certificate conference the needs of ORC 1547.05 and also in the case of rented powercraft, must fulfill the demands of ORC 1547.052.

No human under 12 years of period shall operate any vessel unless under the straight visual and audible supervision that a person who is 18 years of period or older. This ar does not apply to personal watercraft (see previous paragraph) or various other powercraft it is provided by an ext than 10 horsepower (see following paragraph).

No human under 12 years of period shall operate powercraft powered by much more than 10 horsepower uneven under the direct visual and also audible supervision that a human who is 18 years of age or older that is plank the powercraft (excludes PWC operation). In the case of a supervising human being born ~ above or ~ January 1, 1982, the supervising person must host a certificate meeting the requirements of ORC 1547.05 and in the instance of rented powercraft, must satisfy the need of ORC 1547.052.

Children who operate vessels it is provided by more than 10 speech are compelled to accomplish the boating education requirements as defined in ORC 1547.05 also while looked after by a person 18 year of age or older.

No supervising person shall allow any violation the watercraft law.

Personal Watercraft

ORC 1547.41 personal watercraft operation requirements

No person shall operate or permit operation of a an individual watercraft uneven each human being aboard is put on a an individual flotation an equipment (PFD). Operators on personal watercraft equipped v a lanyard type engine cutoff switch must attach the lanyard to their clothing, PFD, us or as appropriate for the certain devices.

No human shall operate a an individual watercraft between sunset and sunrise.

No person who owns or has charge end a personal watercraft chandelier permit operation in violation that laws.

" Watercraft" is characterized as a vessel much less than 16 feet in size propelled by machinery and also designed come be activate by an individual sitting, standing, or kneeling on the vessel fairly than sitting or standing inside the vessel.

Reckless Operation

ORC 1547.07 Reckless or unsafe procedure of vessel, water skis, aquaplane

No human being shall operate a vessel, water skis or comparable device:

carelessly or heedlessly; without due caution; in ignore of the civil liberties or security of any person, vessel, or property; in ~ a price of speed or in a way so as to endanger any kind of person, vessel, or property.

No human shall operate or permit operation of a vessel in an unsafe manner. Unsafe operation includes:

ending up being airborne while crossing the wake up of an additional vessel in ~ 100 feet or unsafe distance; operation at a rate or proximity to a courage or human being being towed so as to require either vessel to swerve to avoid collision; operating less than 200 feet behind a water-skier; weaving through congested traffic.

A vessel candlestick be activate in a reasonable and also prudent way at every times.

Unsafe condition &Termination

ORC 1547.071 authority of legislation enforcement officer when especially hazardous problem exists

A law enforcement officer may identify that an unsafe condition presents particularly hazardous condition to persons aboard a vessel and also may straight the operator to take it immediate, reasonable actions to correct the situation. This contains directing the operator to return a vessel come shore until the problem is repair or has ended. Refuse by an operator come terminate operation after gift ordered to do so is a violation the the Ohio revised Code. An especially hazardous condition exists if a fairly prudent person would think that continued operation would create a peril to persons aboard.

The following cases present unsafe conditions:

insufficient an individual flotation devices; insufficient fire extinguishers; overloaded, poor freeboard because that the water problems in i beg your pardon the ship is operating; improper display of navigating lights; fuel leaks, consisting of fuel leaking from either the engine or fuel system; build-up of or one abnormal quantity of fuel in the bilges; inadequate backfire flame control; wrong ventilation.

Failure come Control

ORC 1547.072 Operator of vessel to maintain control

No human shall operate or allow the procedure of a vessel there is no sufficient regulate to stop an incident that outcomes in: property damage physical injury loss of life any mix of above. Operation in

Restricted Areas, Buoys, Anchored & Docked Vessels

ORC 1547.08 Prohibiting operation in certain areas - low speed areas

No human shall run a vessel in designated " areas," locations buoyed off as " boats," or within any area rescue ring designating the as room in which boats are prohibited.

Areas significant as " boats" incorporate the areas over and listed below dams and also endangered species areas.

No human shall run a ship at better than idle rate or create a wake up under any kind of of the complying with circumstances:

within any area rescue ring or significant as a " wake" area; within 300 feet of any type of marina, watercraft docking facility, boat gasoline dock, start ramp, recreational watercraft harbor, harbor enntrance gate on Lake Erie or ~ above the Ohio River; during sunset come sunrise between the Dan moustache Bridge and also the Brent Spence leg on the Ohio river for any type of vessel not recorded by the U.S. Coastline Guard together commercial.

"" is defined as a track left in the water through a watercraft, causing waves that may reason discomfort, injury or damage to persons, watercraft or property. Difference between wake and also no-wake


" speed" is the slowest possible speed necessary to keep steerage and maneuverability.

No person shall run a vessel in ~ 300 feet that an main diver" flag uneven tendering the dive operation.

No human shall permit procedure of a ship in violation of this sections.

Mooring and also Interference with Buoys Prohibited

No human shall moor or anchor in any designated speed zone or water ski zone. Unless in distress, no human shall moor, anchor, or tie to any kind of marker, aid, buoy, light, or other assist to navigation. No person shall operate or permit procedure of a ship in violation that this section.

No person shall rise on, swim or hang on, dive off, tie a watercraft to, injure, sink, disconnect native its anchor, damage, deface, or interfere with any type of buoy or other assist to navigation.

Obstructing a Waterway, Securing the Docked and also Anchored Vessels

No human being shall anchor, moor, tie-up, or raft off to any type of other vessel, dock, start ramp, or framework in together a manner the the vessel blocks, impedes, or restricts various other vessels in your normal and also reasonable use or navigation.

No human being shall leave any vessel anchored, or in any dock space, or tie-up space, without first properly fastening and securing the vessel in together a manner as to avoid fouling or collision with any other vessel, or indigenous drifting free.

OUI —Operating Under the Influence

Operating Under the influence of Alcohol or drugs Prohibited; Testing

ORC 1547.11 Operation, control, or manipulation under influence of alcohol or drug&ORC 1547.111 comprise consent to chemical test

No human shall operate or be in physical control of any kind of vessel underway, or manipulate any type of water skis or similar machine if the person is under the affect of alcohol and/or drugs.

NOTE: it is an offense to operate a courage while having a Blood Alcohol content (BAC) of 0.08 or more. A BAC less than 0.08 is admissable in court in addition to other evidence of special needs to prove operating under the influence. For persons under 21 year of age, that is an offense to operate a courage while having a BAC that 0.02 or more. Further, it is an offense for people under the age of 21 to purchase, possess, consume, or it is in under the affect of alcohol.

Penalty for operating Under the influence of Alcohol or Drugs

violation MINIMUM best
First 3 work jail $150 fine 6 months jail $1,000 fine
Second 10 days jail $150 fine 6 months jail $1,000 fine
Third 30 days jail $150 fine 1 year prison $1,000 fine

Any human who operates a vessel, water skis or similar machine shall be reputed to have given consent come a chemical test or tests of their blood, breath, or pee to recognize alcohol or medicine content if arrested. If a person under arrest refuses to send to a chemical test the person is prohibition from operation a vessel or water skis or native registering a vessel for a one-year period. If the human is the owner that the ship the registration certificate and tags will be impounded for a one-year period.

Incapacitated operator Prohibited

ORC 1547.12: No human being shall operate any vessel if they are unable physically or holy ghost to run in a safe and competent manner. No person shall permit procedure of a vessel in violation of this section.

Water Skiiing/Towing

Skiing Confined to Ski or open up Zone

ORC 1547.14:Any human being who rides or attempts come ride ~ above water skis or similar device or who barefoot skis, or any type of boat operator that tows a skier candlestick confine that task within a designated ski ar or open zone.

Exceptions to this ar exists top top Lake Erie, Ohio River, and immediately linked harbors and anchorage facilities where this zones have actually not been established.

Towing for recreational functions is allowed at idle speed in a designated no-wake region as lengthy as it is...

no within 300 feet that a gas dock, launch ramp, or harbor entrance no in one anchorage area, watercraft swimming area, or boat camping area no under or within 300 feet of a leg underpass not in any kind of area designated as a no-ski zone.

No person shall permit operation of a courage in violation that this section.

Observer forced when Towing Skier

ORC 1547.15:Any person who operates a courage towing a human being on water skis, surfboard, other comparable devices or barefoot skier shall have an observer ten year of age or enlarge in the vessel who shall at every times watch the human being being towed. The courage operator shall observe the traffic pattern. No person shall permit procedure of a ship in violation of this section.

Water Skiing after ~ Dark Prohibited

ORC 1547.16:No human being shall water-ski or be towed on any device, or operate a courage towing a person between sunset and also sunrise other than upon special permit. Consult an main sunrise-sunset table that the neighborhood area for precise times.

Sitting, Standing, walking on moving Vessels Restricted

ORC 1547.22:No occupant of a vessel underway candlestick sit, stand, or to walk on any type of area not designed for the movement except when automatically necessary because that safe and reasonable navigation or operation. No human shall permit any occupant to violate this section. No human shall operate or permit procedure of any vessel in violation that this section.

One of the many common causes of boating fatalities is drowning after falling overboard. One way to minimize the hazard of acquisition a plunge is to sit in seat designed for that purpose. Bow talk is particularly dangerous due to the fact that unexpected movement, large waves or sudden adjust in course could easily throw the passenger in the water. The hazard of injury from being operation over by the watercraft or gift struck through the propeller is an excellent in together situations.

Capacity Plates

ORC 1547.39 & ORC 1547-40:No human being shall run or permit operation of a watercraft in excess of any type of of the stated boundaries on the capacity plate. When no capacity plate exists, no human shall operate or permit procedure of a watercraft if a reasonably prudent human would believe the complete load aboard or the total horsepower of any motor or engine gift a danger of physical injury to people or property.

No human shall alter, remove, or deface any type of information top top the volume plate.



Littering Prohibited

ORC 1547.49:No operator or occupant chandelier discard litter improperly from any type of vessel regardless of intent. No operator shall allow litter to it is in discarded.

Refuse disposal Prohibited

ORC 1531.29:No person shall discard litter ~ above land, in a waterway or top top the financial institution of a waterway whereby it can be washed into the water.


ORC 1547.63:Within their jurisdiction, any sheriff, deputy sheriff, marshal, deputy marshal, municipal police officer, township police constable, wildlife officer, park or conservancy district officer, or any other law enforcement officer might enforce watercraft laws.

Complying with Officer; Eluding or Fleeing; protecting against or Yielding to legislation Enforcement Vessel

ORC 1547.13, 1547.131 & 1547.132:No human shall fail to comply with any kind of lawful order of one officer having actually authority to straight or regulate the operation or usage of vessels. A watercraft operator shall not intentionally elude or flee from an officer ~ a clearly shows or audible signal to carry the vessel come a stop is given.

Upon the method of a legislation enforcement vessel through a blue flashing light, the operator of any kind of vessel shall prevent or give-way in any kind of situation till the regulation enforcement vessel has actually passed.

No person shall permit operation of a courage in violation that this section.

No human shall operate a vessel the creates a wake within 100 feet of a stopped regulation enforcement vessel v a blue flashing light.

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No human being shall operate a vessel the creates a wake up within 100 feet of a public business vessel displaying a red and also yellow alternate flashing light.