What starts with "F" and also ends v "UCK"? "firetruck"! What to be you thinking? What starts v "P" and also ends through "ORN"? "popcorn"! What were you thinking?!

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After a job fishing in the s a fisherman is walking from the pier delivering two lobsters in a bucket. He is approached through the video game Warden that asks him for his fishing license.The fisherman says to the warden, "I go not record these lobsters, they space my pets. Everyday I come done to the water and whistle and these lobster run out and also I take them because that a walk just to return them in ~ the finish of the day."The warden, no believing him, reminds him the it is illegal to fish without a license. The fisherman transforms to the warden and also says, "If you don"t believe me then watch," together he litter the lobsters back into the water.The warden says, "Now horn to her lobsters and show me the they will come out of the water."The fisherman transforms to the warden and also says, "What lobsters?"
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This male from increase north just up and also one day relocated down south to start himself a farm. He came across this man and asked him where he might get a good donkey to traction a cart and also plow. The guy said I"ve gained just what you need. Only thing is down below we don"t speak to them donkeys we call them an ass. That said as soon as this ass stops you"ll have actually to get off the cart and slap them to acquire it going again. The northern guy thanks him and heads ~ above his way. That comes up to a guy seeking chickens. He claims to the man, I"d choose to purchase a rooster and also a hen. The man sai d sure thing however down right here we don"t call em roosters and also hens. We call them a cock and also a pullet. The male from increase north states ok, thanks the man and also is top top his way. The going follow me in his cart once his donkey stop in the center of the road. He remembers what the male said he had actually to do to gain it going. Just then a lady is go by. Therefore he walks approximately her and says, "excuse me miss, but will you organize my cock and pullet while i slap mine ass."

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A guy goes to the doctor around the dimension if his penis.He claims to the physician "My dick is also small." Doctor gives the guy some medicine, claims "Drink this everytime girlfriend bump into something your prick will thrive an inch." therefore the guy thanks the doctor and leaves. He drink the medicine on his means home the bumps right into a lampot so his prick grew an inch.Just a tiny further down the roadway he bumps into an Indian guy. A thousands apologies, he cock grows one thousands inches, baffled by his extra long dick he decides to repaint it red, hite and blue, and also wrapped it ring his neck, the decides to go to the cinema, he was watching a dirty movie, sat on the optimal of the heat of seats, all of a sudden this voice come on the speaker. "Can the man with the red white and also blue scarf avoid chucking ice cream come the human being below?"