I as soon as read somewhere that the difference between guys and girls when it comes to absent someone is girl feel every little thing immediately. However it takes males a tiny bit longer to establish it.

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So climate I gained to wondering, if that’s the case why do world lose each various other at all?

Over time it becomes just an additional relationship that’s ended. Two hearts hurting. Two world gone. Ego and also pride overtake real feelings causing a silence that goes indigenous days come weeks come months. Climate you establish this human being who friend knew far better than anyone i do not care a stranger.

We break every other’s understanding by hiding the things we feel. The moment of vulnerability. The moments us wish we could say something. But we don’t. The moments we want to make it right. Just no one takes the step.

We space waiting because that the other person to do the very first move.

That’s how you become strangers with someone girlfriend loved and also cared about.

So if you’re wonder why you haven’t heard indigenous her, if you’re wonder if she misses you, if you room wondering whereby she is or who she’s through or that she’s sleeping beside at night…do something about it.

The prize is yes. How could she not miss someone choose you?

The reality is she’s trying to just keep busy to store her mind off of you. And she does whatever to distract herself from the ache she feels. She misses you also if she’s not saying it.

So if you miss out on her too…

Say something. Do something. Don’t lose someone that cares about you since she still does. And also she probably constantly will.

Because the truth is she misses friend too. She’s simply trying to it is in strong. The fact is there’s a list of things she wishes she could say but she’s letting silence conquer what’s in she heart. The fact is she followed her heart and it led her to dead end alone. Currently she’s following her head but every one of it is unnatural come someone favor her. Every one of it is her fighting against herself because she think if girlfriend missed her, you’d say something.

The truth is the silence irks her and while her life seems a little quieter, that a silence that haunts her. She hasn’t reached out to anyone in days and also when her phone does walk off she keeps wishing it’s her name she sees. However all that is room close girlfriend asking how she’s doing.

She’s make the efforts to be strong. But everything around you being gone brings her to her knees, as she tosses and turns at night.

She thinks time, space and distance space for the finest but how could anything that harms this lot be because that the best.

She doesn’t desire to invest time, emotion and energy right into someone that doesn’t miss her too. So she’s trying to placed on a brave face. But it’s killing she to be this strong. It’s killing she to not hear from you. The killing she to miss out on you favor she does. Yet she no think friend care. She doesn’t think you offer a half a shit.

Why miss someone who doesn’t miss you?

But I recognize you miss out on her too. I understand you’re wondering those she up to these days. Since when you kind an emotional link with someone, leaving no just affect one-half of the whole, that affects everyone involved.

You didn’t just affect her life, she impacted yours too.

I recognize you miss out on telling her things. I know you miss the hour conversations that made days go by quicker. You miss out on her insight. Her advice. Her guidance. You miss seeing something and sending it to her. Now every little thing you look in ~ reminds girlfriend of her. I understand you miss out on the time you invested together together those memories beat on repeat in her mind. It’s the tiny things the creep up.

And you form something just to delete the because component of you wants to push send yet you’re likewise just wait for her to make the move.

Each that you room waiting.

Each of you still cares.

But each of you are doing nothing about it.

You didn’t simply come into each other’s lives to become one more sad story you every regret. You space so much much more than that. You space so much much better than that.

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And I understand you quiet care. I understand you miss out on her too.

And if girlfriend ask me just how I know, it’s due to the fact that she’s feeling these things too, she’s staying silent refusing come admit, you were among the best things the have ever before happened come her.