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Prehistoric religion, the beliefs and also practices of stone Age peoples.

General characteristics

Burial customs and also cults of the dead

The oldest known burials have the right to be attributed to the center Paleolithic Period. The corpses, accompanied by rock tools and also parts of animals, to be laid in feet in the ground and also sometimes the corpses were specifically protected. In part cases, the findings offer the impression that the dead to be to be “held onto.” whether or no that intended that the dead were to be cared because that lovingly or the their return was to it is in feared, the implies, in any type of case, a belief in life after fatality in part form. Yet it is not essential to infer a belief in different souls; rather, it could additionally indicate the ide of a “living corpse.”


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From the top Paleolithic period on, the burials manifest richer grave goods; however, the is not possible to conclude indigenous this that spiritual concepts had changed. The same holds because that the adoption of other interment practices, as, because that example, second burials, in which the body were very first allowed come decompose totally and climate the bones to be buried, or in the burn of bodies (evident from the Neolithic Period). From these facts it is not feasible to infer the existence of a definite belief in souls; that is likewise not feasible to recognize the advent of such ideas from historical evidence. Even the increase in the explorations of tomb goods, occasionally likewise including other person remains, is evidence not because that a change of spiritual concepts but for raised needs of the dead in the beyond—i.e., requirements after fatality that are dependent top top economic and social condition in life. Analogies to recent (primitive) phenomena show that it is not possible to connect certain burial personalizeds with certain notions the the past or to any type of other spiritual conceptions. Other than the burial of the whole body, the disposition that the individual parts of the body, and also especially the skull, is important. Ritual deposition the skulls is shown for the center Paleolithic Period. Native even earlier periods, however, individual or multiple person skulls and long bones have been discovered within a solitary site (for example, linked with Peking man). It is not important to translate these result as stays of headhunting or developed skull cults, for even today some an easy hunting and also gathering societies have actually the custom of keeping such parts of corpses for lengthy periods the time and even of transferring them about on your bodies. The same practice is observed likewise to have occurred in the top Paleolithic and also even later periods, but it is not possible to infer an elaborated ancestor cult straight from such prolonged connections the the living with the dead.

The case is various with findings from permanent settlements of agrarian people, in comparison to constantly shifting hunter-collectors. Proof for ancestor cult practices dating come the 7th millennium bce were an initial discovered at Jericho in Palestine, where number of skulls were uncovered to have been deposited in a different room, some of them spanned with a plaster modeling that faces similar to that discovered on the ancestral skulls preserved by contemporary agrarian individuals of southern Asia and Oceania. One elaborated skull cult is usually connected with the veneration of ancestors. An important theme of genealogical cults is the id in a connection between the dead and also the fertility that the soil of their descendants.

An specifically noteworthy kind of interment is the of the megalithic (huge stone) tombs that appear in various areas from the Neolithic duration on. The is probable that in this practice there was likewise a crucial believed link in between the living and the dead, and also that occasionally sacred areas and gathering areas were connected with such graves. The practices of the megalith contractors were probably rooted, to a significant extent, in ideas around the dead and also in ancestor cults come which your stones provided a specific durability and a monumental form. The is more an overwhelming to describe the individual erect stones (menhirs), which, of course, might be the price or seat of ancestors, specifically where they display indications of being sculpted in person form. It surely would certainly be a mistake, however, to look because that a uniform translate of all megalithic monuments or also to speak of a distinct megalithic religion. The megalithic monuments are fairly to be interpreted as a complicated of grandiose manifestations of principles that can well have actually been diverse, but amongst which the cult the the dead, nevertheless, played critical role.


Interior that La Roche aux Fées, megalithic gallery grave, Neolithic Period, constructed c. 3000 bce, Essé, Ille-et-Vilaine, France.


In finds belonging to the Paleolithic Period, pieces of person bodies and also the bones of other animals are uncovered scattered throughout the historical layers and also are sometimes damaged or charred. This is regularly taken as evidence for cannibalism, yet other interpretations are just as most likely (e.g., the action of carrion-eating pets turning up the bones come the surface and thus leading to their burning by later fires in ~ the exact same place). To be sure, the finds permit the translate of cannibalism; however, they carry out not have to or inherently require it yet rather permit that explanation if one proceeds from the former conviction the cannibalism currently existed at the time. This obsolete conception, still organized by some scholars today—i.e., that cannibalism is specifically “primitive” phenomenon and also therefore an extremely ancient—must it is in abandoned. Ethnological research studies show plainly that cannibalism appears practically exclusively in the practices of agrarian peoples, that is, in a later cultural stage, and evidently is essentially bound up with religious or wonder conceptions in which cultivated plants beat a large role. Also if a Paleolithic cannibalism existed on a big scale, it might not be defined by method of principles that originated in a social stage so in different ways structured.

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The case in later periods, especially in the Neolithic, is different. Here, fairly than isolated components of human being skeletons scattered about a settlement, human being remains occasionally are uncovered in combination with stays of foodstuffs in rubbish pits or in holes and tunnels that offered as sacrificial sites. Particularly where human being skulls have been damaged open and also the hole bones split, the translate of cannibalism is unavoidable. Since this inferred practice occurred in the kingdom of agrarian cultures, the is an ext feasible to do comparisons with present-day cannibalism, where the meaning is generally the salvation of the powers and also other features of the victim.