Click come see complete answer. Subsequently, one may additionally ask, what is the formula because that the link iron II phosphite?

Iron(II) phosphite has actually the formula Fe3(PO3)2. The roman character in the name suggests that the iron has actually a 2+ charge.

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Likewise, what is the molar massive of fe2 Cr2O7 3? Iron(III) dichromate PubChem CID: 61500
Molecular Formula: Cr6Fe2O21
Synonyms: Iron(III) dichromate 10294-53-8 Chromic mountain (H2Cr2O7),iron(3+) salt (3:2) DTXSID20145583
Molecular Weight: 759.65 g/mol
Component Compounds: CID 26090 (Dichromic acid) CID 23925 (Iron)

Correspondingly, what is FeCr2O7?

FeCr2O7: The two facets chromium and oxygen together form a polyatomic ion, Cr2O7(2-), i m sorry is known as the dichromate ion. Due to the fact that it has actually a -2 charge, the steel must have actually a +2 charge. Therefore, the surname is iron(II) dichromate. Therefore, the ion has actually formula H2PO4-.

What is PbSO3?

Lead(II) Sulfite. Alias: Plumbous Sulfite. Formula: PbSO3.

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What is the surname for the compound Ag2CO3?

Silver carbonate
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What is the correct kind for fe3 po4 2?

Iron(II) Phosphate Fe3(PO4)2 Molecular load -- EndMemo.
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Which is the correct name of CR ClO4 3?

Chromium(III) Perchlorate Cr(ClO4)3 Molecular load -- EndMemo.
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What is the formula because that copper i nitride?

Copper(I) Nitride Cu3N Molecular weight -- EndMemo.
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How execute you name transition metals with polyatomic ions?

Write the name that transition metal as presented on the routine Table. Write the name and also charge for the non-metal. If you have actually a polyatomic ion, use the common Ion Table come find and also write the formula and also charge. Usage the total charge top top the non-metal (or polyatomic ion) discover the fee on the transition metal.
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What is the formula because that chromium ii hydroxide?

Chromium(II) hydroxide | CrH2O2 - PubChem.
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What is the fee of the cation in Ag2CO3?

Each Ag atom contributes a +1 charge to balance the -2 charge ~ above the carbonate. Over there is no network charge top top each silver of +1 and also -2 because that carbonate—since over there is no disocciation the network charge regards the entire Ag2CO3, i m sorry is neutral (+2 + -2 = 0 network charge) once in water.
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What is the name for the compound through the formula Sn CrO4 2?

Tin(IV) chromate | Sn(CrO4)2 - PubChem.
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What is the surname of fe2 Cr2O7 3?

Fe2(Cr2O7)3 molecule weight
This compound is likewise known together Iron(III) Dichromate.
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Is PbSo3 dissolve in water?

Lead(II) sulfate (PbSO4) is a white solid, which appears white in microcrystalline form. Command sulfate is poorly soluble in water.

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What is command II sulfate formula?

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What is the formula for lead 2 sulfite?

Lead(2+) sulfite | O3PbS | ChemSpider.
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