one algorithm is a cooking recipes for addressing a collection of problems. it is a set of instructions that tells you what to do step by step. one algorithm is something theoretical and can be defined using language, flowcharts or pseudocode. an algorithm deserve to be enforced in various programming languages​​.

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It is a graphic summary of an algorithm using various shapes and also arrows that affix them. Convenient for simple algorithms. Once they obtain bigger they become a "spaghetti diagram" challenging to follow. Recently they room not frequently used.


The idea is to usage an intermediate method of communication in between natural language and also programming language. That does not have actually a officially syntax however it usually has actually the complying with structure:

The principle of variable and assignment is used. Eg: "a The input and output data are shown. Conditional statements space used: E.g: "if then bicycle instructions favor "repeat till ..." are used

Algorithm example:

Algorithm to define if a triangle is scalene, isosceles or equilateralInput data: side1, side2, side3Output data: triangle typeif side1 = side2 and also side1 = side3then kind

What is a program?

A routine is intrinsically linked to the visibility of a computer. Computer systems run programs. The programs read data native files, databases, networks, keyboards and also write data come files, databases, networks, screens, etc.. Programs space executed by the computer system processor. Because that this, they should be loaded onto the main memory RAM.

The loading that the programs onto the storage is lugged out by a special form of software program or program dubbed operating system.

Differences between Algorithm and also Program

Although they may be combined up since they space both a set of instructions, they stand for two really different concepts. An algorithm is an ext like one idea, a means to settle a problem, while a regimen is an ext linked come the execution the one or much more tasks through a computer. A program have the right to implement one or much more algorithms, or it may be so straightforward that us don´t need to use an algorithm.

The task of a developer usually starts by creating algorithms to solve the problems and then implement them and include castle in a program.

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when we talk about a program there is always the idea that it will certainly be executed by a computer while one algorithm can be enforcement by a person.

A program is composed in an equipment language or at least in a language that have the right to be compiled or construed by some kind of device (sometimes a virtual machine).