Gas hydrates room solid, ice-like crystals in i m sorry gas molecules - greatly methane - are trapped in the framework of heavy water. Organic gas hydrates happen on continental margins and shelves an international from polar areas to the tropics, and their power content is estimated to exceed that of all other fuel resources combined. In europe waters, hydrates in the black Sea and the Arctic ocean are of best interest. 




Gas hydrate reservoirs space generally connected with biologically well-off cold seep ecosystems in ~ the seafloor. This hotspots that biomass and also biodiversity are highly localised and fragmented. Lock contain specific varieties of organisms linked with diminished environments. Furthermore, hydrate-bearing sediments are associated with slow-growing, methane-consuming microbial communities and other sub-seafloor life, i beg your pardon play crucial role as a barrier against the release of the potential climate gas methane and toxic hydrogen sulphide.

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Gas hydrate as an power resource

The use of organic gas hydrate sources as an energy resource is an active area of attention in Germany (SUGAR project), USA, Japan, southern Korea, India, Taiwan and also China. Study has focused on exploration and exploitation techniques, but the potential hazards associated with these new technologies have actually so much been mainly ignored. Destabilisation of the seabed is pertained to as the significant risk throughout gas hydrate exploitation, led to by end pressurisation in the sediment pile together the gas hydrates dissociate and/or the migrate of gas bubbles through the muddy overburden sediments. If both processes have actually been learned to some extent in activities experiments, only limited data are easily accessible on geotechnical parameters under in situ conditions, regardless of field data plainly showing a solid link between fluid migration within sediments and also slope stability. Migration and also seepage that gas balloon are found ubiquitously in gas hydrate deposits. Both procedures are also expected come destabilise gas hydrates together a an outcome of seafloor warming, make the Svalbard margin and also the black Sea prime research areas.

There are at this time three key extraction methods for gas hydrate that may be applied independently or in combination: 1) press reduction, 2) heating and also 3) injection of carbon dioxide. Each extraction method has its own technical advantages and disadvantages but the environmental and also economical results are largely unknown. The potential results will count on the extraction method, the dynamics the the gas hydrate system, the depth listed below the seafloor in ~ which the hydrates are present and also their spatial distribution, i m sorry is strongly controlled by the stratigraphy and also lithology of the sediments.

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MIDAS will recognize geohazard and climate hazards from the exploitation that gas hydrates.