i was analysis a question below on Food and also invernessgangshow.net and no one appeared to know exactly how much that is. I tried come Google convert it to cups but no dice.

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So exactly how much is it?


In this Gordon Ramsey scrambled eggs video he uses a "knob" of butter. It appears to be about 2 Tbsp.

I don"t think it"s plan to it is in a particular term. You"d never see "knob" offered for baking, whereby exact quantities matter. When invernessgangshow.net, recipes have tendency to be a general guideline quite than a strict collection of instructions.



together a chef who is queer together a 3 dollar bill, i don't think your mommy is top top the best track. (FWIW, my parents space English too). The nonchalance comes v confidence and also knowing the a little an ext of this or a small less of that in residence invernessgangshow.net is yes, really going to do very little difference to the end result.
I tend to treat it as "a knifeful" however thinking around now the its probably around 1-1.5 tbsp, depending upon how soft the butter is.

If the butter is too cold to get a knife come scoop it with, and also I have to reduced it, I shot to reduced a corner off starting about 1 cm right into the edge, creating a pyramid form shape.

hobodave stated Gordon Ramsey uses around 2 tbsp, however that often tends to be the very same with the chefs, castle go hefty on the salt and the butter and the cream.



2 or 3 tablespoons is equal to a knob. Also it depends on what friend want, that is your an option how much your eggs taste that butter.


I believe the term "knob" that butter was developed and used in the days prior to standardized measuring. The quantity is about 1 1/2 - 2 tablespoons -- about the size of a knob ~ above a kitchen drawer.

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Other non-exact measurements: palm, handful, wooden spoonful, size of a walnut, size of one egg, a glassful ...

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