"AT&T’s plot ... Would likely result in catastrophic harm that endangers Fuse Media’s proceeding existence," the company told the FCC.

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Fuse Media, which own the cable TV and also streaming video clip network Fuse and the music video clip service FM, has actually accused AT&T and its DirecTV service of differentiate in a regime carriage complain filed v the Federal interactions Commission.

In the complaint, Fuse alleges that AT&T and DirecTV make an “untenable and likely unserious” offer for carriage, and only do the sell after prodding from Fuse. Fuse also argues the AT&T is giving preferential treatment to its own cable channels, which include TBS and also TruTV.

“AT&T’s actions would not only harm Fuse and also restrain its capability to compete fairly with TBS, TNT, CNN, Adult Swim, and also TruTV; they would certainly likely result in catastrophic harm that intimidates Fuse Media’s proceeding existence,” the company wrote in the complaint.

“Fuse Media isanindependent, minority-owned and led media company, and also is in reality the just remaining cable network that is Latino-owned, controlled and managed,” Fuse media stated in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter. “Since January, Fuse has been the last English-language network brought by AT&T the serves Latinos.If at&t truly values minority voices, then your words must enhance their actions, especially throughout a time in which our country is experience a seismic social awakening. Weare confident that AT&T will reverse course and negotiate in good faith moving forward.”

“We treat every programmers fairly, including Fuse,” an at & t spokesperson told THR in a statement reacting to Fuse’s complaint. “They desire the FCC to order united state to bring programming our customers don’t want or value. We look front to responding.”

The dispute comes less than a month ~ Fuse was sold to one investor team led through its CEO Miguel “Mike” Roggero and also his monitoring team. Fuse introduced in 2003 (it predecessor channel, MuchMusic USA, launched in 1994) as component of the Dolan family’s Cablevision business, i beg your pardon folded it into Madison Square Garden company in 2010, and subsequently sold its stake in the cable channel in 2014.

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While large cable channels that are component of major entertainment giants have seen your carriage decline over the past few years, ongoing cord-cutting has actually hit tiny and independent cable channels like Fuse an especially hard. This is now the second significant distribution fight being waged by the elevation programmer in recent years, after ~ Fuse was dropped by Comcast in ~ the end of 2018.