The factors of are 1, 2, 4, 13, 26,
The way to calculation the determinants of is together follows. and also 1 space the easiest two determinants to find. Shot 1. 1 x =, so placed these into our factor list.
Take 2. 2 x 26 =, which method we add these come our element list.
Now take it 3... No. isn"t a whole number. So we skip 3.Next shot 4. 4 x 13 =, for this reason we include these come our list of factors.
Now shot 5... Nope! isn"t a whole number. So we skip 5.Try 6... No good. isn"t a whole number. So us skip 6.Take 7... No. isn"t a totality number. So we skip 7.Now, due to the fact that we don"t have actually any an ext numbers come try, we"re done!

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Need aid finding the components of It"s easy! below you go: the determinants of are 1, 2, 4...Randy Tayler | randytayler