Wendy's Brewed Unsweetened Iced Tea is a popularbeverage selection atWendy's Restaurants.

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The caffeine amount shown over is for a 16 ounce cup of their tea with no ice. Adding ice will decrease the caffeine contents of Wendy's Iced Tea.

A Wendy's small cup is 20 flo z so with 4 ounces of ice, this would be the approximate caffeine quantity in Wendy's tiny Unsweetened Iced Tea.

A large 40 ounce cup would have roughly 64 mg of caffeine consisting of ice.

Tea have the right to vary in caffeine early out to plenty of factors including the high quality of the tea leaves and brewing process.

Ingredients in Wendy"s Iced TeaBrewed Tea and also Water

Compared to various other Items

Wendy"s Iced Tea includes 2.00 mg the caffeine per fl oz (6.76 mg per 100 ml). A 16 fl oz cup has a total of 32 mg of caffeine.

full Caffeine (mg)
SourcesUSDA database at https://fdc.nal.usda.gov/Other references. Critical updated on 7 Mar 2021. Suggestions or corrections? Send Feedback

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