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Ben from Mesa, AzHe"s supposedly head over hills because that this girl. That can"t live without her. So what go he average by, "Don"t make me readjust my mind?" If he"s yes, really in love climate it doesn"t issue what she claims or does. Jasmine from Anderson,caI love this song, however at the moment it is bittersweet due to the fact that my boyfriend and I our no in the best place ideal now and I dont understand if we will get pass the so this track made me think a lot about the location I to be at about it.Olivia native Aurora, IlThis song makes me cry. I have actually no clue why. The amazes me every time i hear it.Torrie indigenous Moghetto, California ((:, CaI love this song. That"s every I need to say. ((((:Nathan Ritz native Paoli, Inthis is the 2nd best tune that they have actually made, after her callTayluur indigenous Binghamton, NyPerfect song. It"s me and my boyfriend"s. Rhys from gold Coast, Australiai enjoy this tune i play it come veg the end from realityClarissa from Martinsburg, WvI don"t choose this song much at all. I"m not a large fan the the tape either. It"s as well intense when it serious shouldn"t be. Ns don"t know. I simply don"t prefer it.Jim indigenous Toledo, Ohthis track is god-awful. It"s the reason top-40 radio is in the crapper. It"s whiny, depressing, and also took no talent whatsoever to write or perform. If it weren"t for angst-ridden teens it would occupy the place it belonging - in the annals of terrible and unpopular musicRachel indigenous Austin, TxI love this song!! i hear that all the moment on the radio and i song to it every time. It never ever gets old. I apply it to this guy that i favor a lot. So this is really my favourite song appropriate now!Sarah indigenous Burlington, VtThis song reminds me the a guy who I have actually feelings for. I m sorry is for this reason weird because it doesn"t right for united state at all. The chorus does, though.see more comments
Dixie ChickenLittle Feat

The Dixie Chicks acquired their name from the little Feat track "Dixie Chicken." In 2020 they became "The Chicks" due to the fact that Dixie describes the American south in times of slavery.

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friend Don"t Know just how It FeelsTom small

MTV reversed words "joint" in Tom Petty"s "You Don"t Known exactly how It Feels" therefore it was unintelligible, but gave the video clip a VMA anyway.

Three small BirdsBob Marley & the Wailers

Bob Marley"s back-up singers, The i Threes, case they room the "Three little Birds" in his well known song.

open up Your HeartMadonna

The child in Madonna"s "Open your Heart" video clip became a effective songwriter. His songs incorporate Amy Winehouse"s "You sent out Me Flying" and James Blunt"s "1973."

Highway come HellAC/DC

The "Highway come Hell" is the Canning Highway in Australia, which appears to go on forever, at the very least according to AC/DC.

VeronicaElvis Costello

"Veronica" was influenced by Elvis Costello"s grandmother, who suffered from Alzheimer"s disease.

manager Wes Edwards ("Drunk on a Plane")Song composing

Wes Edwards takes united state behind the scenes of videos that shot because that Jason Aldean, Dierks Bentley and also Chase Bryant. The train was real - the aircraft was not.

Mick Jones the ForeignerSongwriter Interviews

Foreigner"s songwriter/guitarist speak the stories behind the songs "Juke crate Hero," "I want To understand What Love Is," and also many more.

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Christopher CrossSongwriter Interviews

The guy who created Yacht Rock through "Sailing" wrote one of his greatest hits if on acid.

Yacht Rock!Song composing

A scholarly evaluation of yacht absent favorites ("Steal Away," "Baker Street"...) with a member that the leading YR sheathe band.

Mike CampbellSongwriter Interviews

Mike is command guitarist with Tom small & the Heartbreakers, and co-writer of standard songs choose "Boys of Summer," "Refugee" and also "The love Of The Matter."

Desmond ChildSongwriter Interviews

One of the many successful songwriters in the business, Desmond co-wrote "Livin" La Vida Loca," "Dude (Looks prefer A Lady)" and "Livin" on A Prayer."