Back in late January, you might have read about our trip to the Kentucky push Association Awards Banquet which was held up in Lexington. Our employee took residence several different awards for news coverage, sports, design and photography, and also we all had actually a pretty time in ~ the event.

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But you currently knew about all of that.

What you did no know about was the exploration I make while obtaining dressed for the banquet.

To get ready for the trip, i went ahead and also picked the end my outfit the night before. I knew that would conserve me some time the way, and I likewise wanted to get my wife’s opinion on mine attire.

If you’ve ever seen me at the Times-Tribune or around town, you recognize I don’t ever before wear a suit, and also usually a polo shirt and also jeans is about as formal as I get. Very couple of people see me at the office due to the fact that I work second shift, therefore I commonly don’t see much of a point in gaining dressed up on a everyday basis.

Thus, whenever i do have to dress formally, I favor to acquire my wife’s opinion on my shirt and also tie to do sure every little thing matches.

I picked the end a gray suit i own and also a blue shirt with a corresponding tie. Carmen offered me the thumbs up on mine choices, and also so I believed I was an excellent to go.

However, what my wife could not judge as quickly was if mine gray fit was tho going come fit.

I think you currently know wherein this story is going.

After ns hopped the end of the shower head that following day, i went to placed on my suit pants and soon establish they had actually either gained smaller or ns had gotten bigger. So i scrambled to placed together another outfit that had to encompass a pair of trousers I could fit myself into. On peak of that, Carmen to be at work and couldn’t offer me any kind of advice top top how everything looked.

I think that still ended up functioning out alright, yet it certainly served as a wake-up call to me the I might need to clock my diet a small bit closer.

Relatively speaking, mine diet isn’t all the bad. Ns don’t constantly eat the healthiest of meals, yet you will rarely see me snacking on anything in between. It’s more than likely that truth that has kept me from gift a lot more overweight.

However, as soon as I couldn’t fit into those pants and also realized I had packed top top a few pounds, ns knew precisely what the guilty culprit was.

I absolutely love cereal. And also I’m no referring to the cereals that could have some nutritional values choose Cheerios or one-of-a-kind K. Ns talking about the great stuff.

Fruity Pebbles, Cookie Crisp, to apologize Jacks, Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Cap’n Crunch — those space the species of cereals ns enjoy. It definitely isn’t limited to simply those though. If it has actually a cartoon animal mascot that some kind on the prior of the box, there’s a an excellent chance I’ll gain it. I’ll likewise take it one action further and buy the huge family size bags so I deserve to get much more bang for my buck.

Now i don’t think a small bowl of these sugary cereals for breakfast every now and also then is all the bad. Yet I nothing eat simply a tiny bowl every now and also then. I eat a big bowl of cereal practically every night once I gain home from work.

I’ll frequently come residence starving and also it’s just too easy and too very delicious to to water out some cereal and also milk at the time that night. And also then I’ll walk to bed just an hour or two later with all of that grain just sitting in my belly as ns lie over there in bed.

So the didn’t take a dietitian to establish I required to cut earlier on this food favorite.

As a result, I have actually been trying to cut ago a small and tell myself ns don’t really require that much cereal at that hour the the night. If i’m absolutely starving, I’ll go for a smaller bowl or miscellaneous else totally that isn’t as sugary. Or if I’m not that hungry, I’ll try to just settle for some water or an additional drink to tide me over until I struggle the hay.

I couldn’t assist but be reminded, though, of an old song by the Christian tape Newsboys. The tune is called “Breakfast,” and has a major message however is ceded in a tongue-in-cheek form of way. It’s about a grain lover who dies at a young age. But before he passed away, he left some lyrics that reminded his peers that they don’t offer breakfast in hell.

As i said, the a comedic take it on a serious message, but as a fellow cereal lover, i couldn’t help but recall this song and also its meaning.

We all have our own thing below on planet we enjoy and can’t get sufficient of. Mine is cereal, however yours can be eating another food or participating in another kind of hobby. It might be your love for pizza and cheeseburgers, or it could be your love because that fishing or city hall Kentucky Wildcat basketball. Hopefully most of you reap spending time through God and also reading her Bible

But every little thing your favorite food is or whatever your favourite hobby might be, you deserve to rest assured it will not be available in hell.

2 Thessalonians 1:9 says, “Who shall it is in punished v everlasting damage from the existence of the Lord, and also from the glory the his power.”

I don’t understand if there will certainly be Fruity Pebbles or Cinnamon Toast Crunch once we all get to sky either. I additionally don’t know if there will certainly be fishing or basketball in Heaven. Some folks have actually come up through their own speculation the if you reap something here, girlfriend will acquire to reap it for all eternity in Heaven.

We can’t say that for sure yet it could not also matter too much as us will never be hungry again and we will spend most of our time singing and praising Jesus.

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However, I understand for particular that girlfriend won’t acquire to enjoy anything — no matter what the is — if you’re required to spend eternity in that evil and also wicked lake the fire.