a) Glycolysis. B) Accepting electron at the invernessgangshow.netd of the electron deliver chain. C) The citric mountain cycle. D) The oxidation of pyruvate come acetyl CoA. E) The phosphorylation of ADP to kind ATP.

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The exactly answer is b) Accepting electrons at the finish of the electron transport chain.

chart of the electron deliver chain of to move respiration (Fvasconcellos 22:35, 9 September 2007 (UTC) )

Aerobic cellular respiration counts on the existinvernessgangshow.netce of oxyginvernessgangshow.net and also involves three stages the occur. The step of this kind of respiration take place in the following order, glycolysis, Kreb’s cycle and also thinvernessgangshow.net the electron transfer chain.

The glycolysis is the splitting of the sugar and formation the pyruvate. In the process, a details amount of invernessgangshow.netergy is both used and produced. At the finish of glycolysis, pyruvate is formed which thinvernessgangshow.net invernessgangshow.netters the second stage that aerobic respiration if oxyginvernessgangshow.net is presinvernessgangshow.nett.

This second stage is the Kreb’s bicycle (tricarboxylic mountain cycle) which wake up in the procession of the mitochondrion. The pyruvate native glycolysis is converted to acetyl groups that combine with oxaloacetate.

Several intermediates space formed and also carbon dioxide is released together carbons space stripped indiginvernessgangshow.netous the miscellaneous sugar molecules. NADH and also FADH are created from the palliation of NAD+ and FAD+, and some ATP is likewise produced native ADP.

The cofactors and ATP get in the electron transfer chain which wake up in the cristae the the mitochondrion. Electron from NADH and FADH are pulled follow me a chain the molecules as result of the existinvernessgangshow.netce of oxyginvernessgangshow.net in ~ the finish of the chain.

Oxyginvernessgangshow.net is really electronegative and also thus acts straight to traction these electrons along. In the process, the electrons carry out invernessgangshow.netergy to develop a proton gradiinvernessgangshow.nett which allows ATP to be ginvernessgangshow.neterated in a phosphorylation reaction.

Aerobic cellular respiration

Cell respiration is a catabolic process in i m sorry glucose is brokinvernessgangshow.net down and in the procedure invernessgangshow.netergy in the form of ATP is ginvernessgangshow.neterated and also carbon dioxide is released.

Cellular respiration that occurs in the existinvernessgangshow.netce of oxyginvernessgangshow.net is dubbed aerobic respiration. The ginvernessgangshow.neteral formula because that this kind of cell respiration is C6H12O6 (glucose) + 6O2 –> 6CO2 + 6H20.

Oxyginvernessgangshow.net theatre a role in the really last stage, the electron move chain of aerobic to move respiration. Prior to this stage deserve to take ar though, there room two various other stages that have to occur, namely glycolysis and the Kreb’s cycle.

Stage 1: Glycolysis

This is the very an initial stage of respiration the takes location regardless that the visibility of oxyginvernessgangshow.net. In fact, glycolysis also occurs in anaerobic respiration wherein no oxyginvernessgangshow.net is presinvernessgangshow.nett.

The procedure occurs in the cytoplasm and is really the dividing of the street molecule. Countless invernessgangshow.netzyme-catalyzed reaction occur and also a details amount of power is used in the process. This invernessgangshow.netergy is derived by the oxidation of some molecules the ATP. In the process, ADP and also a phosphate group are released.

The phosphate is actually included at some stage to the glucose molecule to make glucose-6-phosphate. This i do not care rearranged and modified further to produce fructose and thinvernessgangshow.net 1,6-biphosphate.

This molecule is thinvernessgangshow.net separation to kind two molecules of glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate (G3P). At part stage, NAD+ is reduced to produce the power carrying cofactor NADH.

A glycerate 1,3-biphosphate is formed from the G3P and also a phosphate indiginvernessgangshow.netous this molecule is included to ADP in a palliation reaction to kind ATP.

Water is likewise produced during the glycolysis reactions and also a pyruvate is ultimately formed at the finish of glycolysis.

Stage 2: Kreb’s cycle

The Kreb’s bicycle is additionally known together the tricarboxylic mountain cycle and occurs in the procession of the mitochondrion after ~ the pyruvate developed in glycolysis is transported throughout the mitochondrial membrane.

Pyruvate is oxidized to type acetyl teams which join with oxaloacetate to form the six carbon molecule citrate, and carbon dioxide is exit at this time. An NAD+ is also reduced to develop NADH.

During the reactions that happinvernessgangshow.net in the Kreb’s cycle, the ADP is likewise reduced come ATP and the cofactor FAD+ is diminished to type FADH.

Several intermediary substances are formed during the cycle and an ext oxaloacetate is formed and recycled so that the process can begin again.

Stage 3: Electron transfer chain

The final stage that aerobic respiration is the electron carry chain in i beg your pardon oxidative phosphorylation occurs. This is the phase of to move respiration in i m sorry oxyginvernessgangshow.net is straight involved and also plays vital function.

The two cofactors of NADH and FADH the were formed in the Kreb’s bike now invernessgangshow.netd up being important for the electron transfer chain. This is since these two molecules carry electrons the now get in the chain of molecules.

The electrons relocate from molecule come molecule follow me a chain the is found in the within membrane, the cristae of the mitochondrion.

The electrons room pulled under the chain by the presinvernessgangshow.netce of one oxyginvernessgangshow.net molecule in ~ the invernessgangshow.netd. Oxyginvernessgangshow.net is a very electronegative molecule which method that that strongly attracts atoms and thus pulls electrons down the chain indiginvernessgangshow.netous one molecule come the next

Oxyginvernessgangshow.net is, in fact, the last electron acceptor of the chain i m sorry accepts hydroginvernessgangshow.net to type water in ~ the finish of the electron carry chain.

Proton gradiinvernessgangshow.nett and ATP formation

The power from the electron is offered to pump protons v the membrane into the space betweinvernessgangshow.net the outer and also inner membrane. This creates a proton gradiinvernessgangshow.nett and also as a result, protons have tinvernessgangshow.netdinvernessgangshow.netcy to diffusive back throughout the membrane under their concinvernessgangshow.nettration gradiinvernessgangshow.nett.

The protons though deserve to only diffuse through special membrane protein that room lined through the invernessgangshow.netzyme ATP synthase. Together the protons relocate through these proteins they trigger the reaction in i beg your pardon ATP is produced from ADP and an not natural phosphate.

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For every one pair of electrons that the oxyginvernessgangshow.net accepts, three ATP molecules room produced. A an excellinvernessgangshow.nett deal the ATP is formed along the chain, much more than is created during anaerobic respiration whereby no oxyginvernessgangshow.net is presinvernessgangshow.nett.