Ar is loved one atomic mass (the ratio of the typical mass of atoms of a chemical aspect to one unified atomic mass unit) of an element.

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D: a brand-new substance


Chemical reaction

A readjust in matter that to produce on or an ext new substances

Most protein enzymes catalyze just one specific chemical reaction effectively. What feature of protein framework is most directl;

d. The particular geometry and types of amino acids in the energetic site


-Enzymes are highly selective catalysts, meaning that each enzyme only speeds up a specific reaction. The molecules that an enzyme works through are dubbed substrates. The substrates bind to a an ar on the enzyme dubbed the active site.

-For a substrate to tie to the energetic site of one enzyme it need to fit in the active site and be chemically attractive to it. The shape of one enzyme determines just how it works. Enzyme have active sites that substrate molecules (the substances associated in the chemical reaction) fit right into when a reaction happens.

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Which action will decrease the press of a gas within a close up door cubical container? increasing the variety of moles that gas decreasi
Jobisdone <24> decreasing the temperature within the container will certainly decrease the pressure of a gas inside a closeup of the door cubical container.


According come Gay-Lussac"s regulation : "The press of the gas boosts with boost in temperature of the gas when volume the the gas is kept constant".


At constant volume, press of the gas will decrease on decreasing the temperature or angry versa.

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Decreasing the temperature inside the container will decrease the press of a gas inside a closed cubical container.

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The function of teeth in the cradle system?
We use our this to chew ours food and also prepare food to travel with the rest of digestive system
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Look again in ~ the nature of sodium and also chlorine. Climate look in ~ the properties of the compound salt chloride. What perform you no
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There is a distinction in the properties bcoz as soon as these two aspects combine chemically castle have various properties of salt chloride no properties the the sodium and also chlorine individually
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