Abdominal Regions

Name the abdominal regions straight lateral come the epigastric region.

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hypochondriac regions
What walk epi- mean? on/above
What go hypo- mean? below
What walk chondr- mean? cartilage
What does gastr- mean? stomach
Name the abdominal regions directly lateral to the umbilical region. lumbar regions
Name the abdominal regions directly lateral to the hypogastric region. iliac regions
Name the abdominal region directly premium to the umbilical region. epigastric region
Name the abdominal region directly worse to the epigastric region. umbilical region
Name the abdominal an ar directly worse to the umbilical region. hypogastric region
Which abdominal region would save on computer the urinary bladder and reproductive organs? hypogastric region
Which abdominal region contains the majority of the little intestine? umbilical region
Which abdominal region contains portions of both the liver and stomach? epigastric region

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