1. The challenges characters need to overcome in fictional works is known as the

A. plot.

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B. setting.

C. conflict.

D. theme.



2. This concern is based on the adhering to paragraph.

The earlier yard was extended in late afternoon sunlight. The pipeline danced in the trees, delighted that spring had lastly arrived. The tulips to be bright slashes of shade like a child's crayon drawing. In the garden, the an initial green shoots were pushing out of the floor to greet the warmth of the sun. Sitting top top the porch swing, ns drank in the beauty of nature, a very delicious treat.

Which phrase from the paragraph is an example of a metaphor?

A. Greet the warm of the sun

B. In late afternoon sunlight

C. The beauty, beauty of nature, a delicious treat

D. Delighted the spring had ultimately arrived



3. This question is based on the complying with poem.

???Some say life's a syndicate game,

???spread choose a picnic to death the grass,

???assuring no winners conserve some ants,

???until between the fading rants,

???none there space to beat one's pass

???into the halls that fame.

The an allegory for life in this city is

A. halls the fame.

B. a syndicate game.

C. a picnic.

D. some ants.



4. The two components that develop a story's setup are time duration and

A. location.

B. characters.

C. conflict.

D. imagery.



5. This question is based on the following poem.

???1 Laugh and also be merry, remember, much better the human being with a song,

???2 much better the civilization with a punch in the teeth of a wrong.

???3 Laugh, for the moment is brief, a subject the size of a span.

???4 Laugh and be proud come belong to the old proud pageant the man.

(Laugh and also Be Merry/John Masefield/Public Domain)

What is the rhyme pattern in this stanza?

A. First and third lines rhyme; 2nd and fourth lines rhyme.

B. First and 2nd lines rhyme; third and 4th rhyme.

C. All 4 lines have actually the same ending rhyme.

D. There is no rhyme pattern in this stanza.



6. The key purpose of invited words in advertisements is to

A. create one image.

B. illustrate bias.

C. influence the reader.

D. compare 2 unlike things.



7. This inquiry is based upon the adhering to paragraph.

Tomas tiptoed across the room. He made certain not to walk ~ above the point out that always creaked. He opened up the squeaky door as gradually as possible. He take it one critical look in the crib and also smiled.Was anything more beautiful 보다 a resting baby? Softly that closed the nursery door and also headed under the hall. It had been a long night.

What have the right to you infer indigenous this paragraph?

A. Tomas's residence needed some repairs.

B. Tomas go not reap being a father.

C. Tomas was prepared to begin a new day.

D. Tomas had spent a lengthy time obtaining his child to sleep.


8. Which among the following phrases consists of vivid native that develop imagery?

A. Twenty soldiers

B. Cotton-like clouds

C. Sang a solo

D. Traveled far



10. Most of the imagery in a poem is designed come appeal come the reader's

A. imagination and logic.

B. ideas and concepts.

C. senses and also emotions.

D. intellect and also thoughts.



11. When a reader renders inferences based on the details provided, it permits the reader to

A. understand the plot.

B. make a comparison.

C. draw a conclusion.

D. establish the setting.



9. This question is based upon the adhering to paragraph.

Even though she friends assumed writing letter was one old-fashioned thing to do, Robin still took pleasure in it. She loved making stationery on the computer, and she supplied her grandmother's fractional pen to create the letters. She take it the lid off of the pen and also started the next letter.

What conclusion deserve to be attracted from this paragraph?

A. Robin's grandmother like to write letters v her granddaughter.

B. Robin preferred to integrate old ideas with new ones.

C. Robin used her computer to write numerous letters to friends.

D. Robin evaluate the stationery that her grandmother provided her.



12. In the sports ar of the regional newspaper, a reporter wrote, "Lorton's skilled quarterback performed well in taking care of Jefferson High's Eagles a crushing defeat." Which word in this sentence is taken into consideration loaded?

A. Crushing

B. Defeat

C. Well

D. Experienced



13. Which among the complying with statements has a simile?

A. The maple put on a gayer scarf.

B. The soaring bird easily disappeared from ours sight.

C. I think that i shall never see a poem lovely as a tree.

D. The woods went increase in flame.



14. This question is based on the adhering to information.

The contact of the Wild is a novel through Jack London. It focuses on the life the Buck, a pampered dog who resides with a wealthy family in southerly California. During the gold Rush, Buck is captured, sold, and also eventually shipped to Alaska. Along the way, Buck is mistreated, however eventually the learns to endure as a member the a dog sled team. With each brand-new experience, Buck becomes much more acquainted v his ancestor's instincts. Finally, after shedding someone the cared about, Buck decides to return to living in the wild.

Which of these statements best represent the template of The call of the Wild?

A. A dog endures hardship yet ends up going ago to whereby he is expected to be.

B. A dog to learn what it's choose to it is in taken indigenous his home and also sent far away.

C. A dog discovers the differences in between life in California and in Alaska.

D. A dog is mistreated because that his whole life, even as part of a dog sledge’s team.



15. This question is based on the complying with passage.

According come science, the more quickly speed feasible for noþeles is the speed of light, i beg your pardon is about 186,000 miles every second. That is, in one minute, irradiate travels 11,160,000 miles. The star nearest planet is the Sun. It's around 93,000,000 mile from Earth. Therefore, it takes sunlight about eight minutes to take trip to Earth. So, when you check out the Sun, girlfriend aren't see it as it is.You're seeing it as it was eight minute ago. Since the stars are lot farther away than our Sun, imagine exactly how far ago in time you're seeing them! It's obvious that human beings will never ever travel to planets near even the the next stars.

Which statement native this passage is an instance of one opinion?

A. The star nearest earth is the Sun.

B. It's noticeable that humans will never ever travel come planets near even the the next stars.

C. So, once you see the Sun, you aren't seeing it together it is.

D. According to science, . . . the speed of light . . . is about 186,000 miles per second.



16. This question is based on the complying with four sentences.

???1. Netta and Jim argued over their views of totally free trade.

???2. Netta and also Jim had various views on cost-free trade.

???3. Netta and Jim were sharply break-up over the issue of cost-free trade.

???4. Netta and also Jim refuse to talk about the worry of free trade.

In these four sentences, the word that's most obviously a invited word is

A. refused.

B. discuss.

C. different.

D. sharply.



17. This inquiry is based upon the complying with paragraph.

“Sssssh, listen!” said Terry. “I can hear she coming under the hallway.” everyone hid behind the couches or in corners. They tried to stifle their giggles and make no sound in ~ all. There was just the sound the a key in the lock as Sheila, the date of birth girl, came in because that the evening.

What conclusion have the right to be drawn about what is about to happen?

A. Terry is play a video game with others.

B. Sheila is walking into a surprised party.

C. Sheila is coming house to meet her friends.

D. Terry is stealing few of Sheila's belongings.



18. Below is the last stanza the a poem, "Dover Beach," composed in 1876 through Matthew Arnold.

???Ah, love, let us be true

???To one another! for the world, i m sorry seems

???To lie prior to us favor a soil of dreams,

???So various, so beautiful, therefore new,

???Hath really neither joy, nor love, no one light,

???Nor certitude, no one peace, nor aid for pain;

???And we are here as ~ above a darkling plain

???Swept with confused alarms the struggle and also flight,

???Where ignorant militaries clash through night.

Which one of the complying with statements finest characterizes Arnold's view of the world?

A. The people is made for lovers.

B. The people is not a beautiful place.

C. The civilization is just a dream.

D. The people is a confusing and hostile place.



19. Which statement around poetry is accurate?

A. All poems space designed to have actually a rhyme pattern.

B. Poems are written come evoke emotions in readers.

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C. Poetry is comprised verses referred to as lyrics.

D. Poetry is comprised of lot of similes and metaphors



20. When an writer focuses on characterization in a piece of fiction, it way that the or she provides details about the