Game 2: You role a traditional number cube and win if the lands reflecting a number the is divisible through 3.

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For every situation, list the sample space and also tell how many outcomes over there are.

Han rolfes a standard number cube once.

Description: A one spinner separated into 4 equal parts. The optimal left section is red and labeled “R.” The top right ar is blue and also labeled “B.” The bottom appropriate section is green and labeled “G.” The bottom left ar is yellow and labeled “Y.” The spinner dial points to the section labeled "G."


Kiran selects a letter at random from the word “MATH.”Mai selects a letter at random from the alphabet.Noah choose a map at random from a stack that has actually cards numbered 5 with 20.

Next, to compare the likelihood of this outcomes. Be prepared to describe your reasoning.

Is Clare much more likely to have actually the spinner protect against on the red or blue section?Is Kiran or Mai more likely to get the letter T?Is Han or Noah more likely to obtain a number the is higher than 5?Suppose you have a spinner the is evenly separated showing all the work of the week. You additionally have a bag of records that perform the months of the year. Space you much more likely come spin the existing day of the week or pull out the document with the current month?

Are you all set for more?
Are there any type of outcomes for two world in this activity that have the very same likelihood? define or present your reasoning.

3.3: what’s in the Bag?

Your teacher will certainly give your team a bag of document slips through something printed on them. Repeat these steps until anyone in your team has had actually a turn.

As a group, assumption: v what is printed on the files in the bag and also record your guess in the table.Without feather in the bag, one person takes out among the papers and also shows it come the group.Everyone in the team records what is printed on the paper.The person who took out the file puts it earlier into the bag, shakes the bag to mix up the papers, and passes the bag to the next human in the group.Guess thesample space.What is printedon the paper?person 1person 2person 3person 4
How to be guessing the sample space the fourth time various from the first?What could you carry out to gain a far better guess the the sample space?Look at every the documents in the bag. Were any kind of of your guesses correct?Are every one of the possible outcomes equally likely? Explain.Use the sample an are to recognize the probability that a fifth person would get the very same outcome as human being 1.


The probability of an occasion is a measure up of the likelihood the the event will occur. Probabilities room expressed making use of numbers native 0 to 1.

If the probability is 0, that means the occasion is impossible. Because that example, as soon as you upper and lower reversal a coin, the probability the it will turn into a bottle of ketchup is 0. The closer the probability that some occasion is come 0, the less likely the is.
If the probability is 1, that way the event is certain. For example, once you flip a coin, the probability the it will land somewhere is 1. The closer the probability that some occasion is come 1, the an ext likely that is.

If we list all of the feasible outcomes because that a chance experiment, we gain the sample space for that experiment. For example, the sample space for roll a typical number cube consists of six outcomes: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. The probability the the number cube will certainly land showing the number 4 is (frac16). In general, if all outcomes in an experiment room equally likely and also there are (n) feasible outcomes, then the probability of a solitary outcome is (frac1n).

Sometimes we have a collection of feasible outcomes and we want among them to it is in selected at random. That method that we want to select an end result in a way that every of the outcomes is equally likely. For example, if two world both want to read the exact same book, we can flip a coin to view who gets to check out the book first.

Glossary Entries

chance experiment

A possibility experiment is something you deserve to do over and also over again, and you don’t know what will occur each time.

For example, each time girlfriend spin the spinner, it can land top top red, yellow, blue, or green.



An occasion is a collection of one or an ext outcomes in a chance experiment. Because that example, if we roll a number cube, there room six possible outcomes.



Examples of events are “rolling a number much less than 3,” “rolling an even number,” or “rolling a 5.”


An result of a possibility experiment is just one of the things that can take place when you do the experiment. Because that example, the feasible outcomes the tossing a coin room heads and tails.


The probability of an occasion is a number that tells exactly how likely it is to happen. A probability of 1 method the occasion will always happen. A probability that 0 way the occasion will never happen.

For example, the probability of picking a moon block at random from this bag is (frac45).

Outcomes of a opportunity experiment are random if they space all equally most likely to happen.

sample space

The sample room is the list of every feasible outcome for a possibility experiment.

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For example, the sample space for tossing two coins is:

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