HURRY into Hobby Lobby where lock are having a TON of CLEARANCE deals! and also of course their everyday sales absent too!

Be certain to check out the Arts/Crafts, Toys, and Home Decor sections. I uncovered a lot of items significant 66%-75% off! obtain ready for following years’ Pinewood Derby gyeongju now!

Dragster Racer Kit only $2.99 ($7.19 online), originally $11.99. This kit comes with everything you’ll require for your following race!

GT sport Accessories only $3.74, initially $14.99!

Formula grand Prix Deluxe auto Kit $3.74 ($8.99 online), initially $14.99.

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Muscle Racer Pinecar Premium Kit $4.24 ($10.19 online), originally $16.99.

Patriotic Pinewood Derby car Wrap $2.24 ($5.39 online), initially $8.99.

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Basic Racer just $1.24 ($2.99 online), originally $3.99.

Basic Wedge Kit $1.49 ($3.59 online), initially $5.99. This kit has 1 timber block, 4 wheels and 4 nails!

Pinewood Derby Start collection Kit just $2.49 (≈$5.99 online), originally $9.99. An option of Truck, army Bugg or Convertible kits! each kit comes with 1 car, 4 wheels and decals!

As you have the right to see, many of these deals are easily accessible online, however the prices are not fairly as good. If you have actually a neighborhood Hobby Lobby, be certain to head in soon. They space really pushing out last years commodities to get ready because that the vacation Season. Seriously, they already have loads of Fall/Christmas item out.