One because that all, every for one! Ah…the Musketeers! perhaps you’ve seen one of the movies or read the book by French writer Alexandre Dumas. That expression is known as gift the motto that Dumas’ The 3 Musketeers. The Musketeers to be a agency of the king Guards. They combated for King and Country. This motto is a fascinating concept, even more so currently in a society that looks for what is finest for ‘me’ no necessarily what is finest for ‘others’.

“All because that one and also one because that all” speaks of a deep shortcut of unity. If one gets into trouble everyone goes into battle in his honor. “All because that one” way that the group supports every of its separation, personal, instance members, for this reason if one was in need every one of the group would involved his/her aid. “One because that all” means that the individual is because that the team or cause more than they are for his/her self, such the they put the requirements of the group or cause above their own.

When one of the group would discover themselves in risk or in require of help, all the others rush to their aid, also if the meant devastation or death while trying to aid the one. One, two, or twenty or much more dead come rescue the one is not thought about wrong. Every for One. One because that All.... In perspective: for the betterment that all, it is embraced that occasionally one or much more must it is in sacrificed or autumn by the wayside in battle.

When the opponent understands the dedication, then they know that it is impossible to break the team by singling the end one individual. To strike one is to strike all. Every for One.Also, every member of the group knows that everything hangs together only if one, lonely human is willing to make a sacrifice, or the can be fried sacrifice, to save the rest. One for All. United we stand however divided we fall. Isn’t this storage of the early Church we watch in plot 2?

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“42 And they devoted themselves come the apostles’ teaching and also the fellowship, come the breaking of bread and the prayers. 43 And awe come upon every soul, and also many wonders and also signs were being done with the apostles. 44 And every who thought were together and had all points in common. 45 And lock were selling their possessions and also belongings and distributing the proceeds to all, as any had need. 46 And job by day, attending the holy place together and also breaking bread in their homes, they obtained their food with glad and generous hearts, 47 praising God and also having favor with all the people. And the Lord added to their number job by work those who were gift saved. ” — plot 2:42-47 (ESV)

The Church in action is an example to united state of what unity look at like. Castle were united under one cause…together…seeking what was best for the whole body and not because that self. They offered of themselves gladly and generously come help administer for the rather in the group and also to advance the cause. This unity and self-sacrificial method of living to be blessed by the Lord and also as their number increased since of those being saved.

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Doesn’t the excite you? Doesn’t that breathe life into your soul? this amazing and also miraculous points that God did in Acts have the right to still happen today… in her life…in your family and in our church!


So how can we aid cultivate unity choose we see in the church that Acts? Reflect top top these concerns and enable God to difficulty and speak reality to you together it relates to these areas:

Are you acquisition time to research God’s Word?

Are you affiliated in Christian fellowship that seeks spiritual growth and accountability?

Do you seek after God’s will certainly for your life? her family? your church?

Are there areas in her life the you’ve to be seeking what is finest for you versus what is finest for the reason of Christ?

Does He desire you to become an ext generous in your giving to others through your time, her talents and/or your treasures?


Take time to pray and also ask God to display you this week:

God, what are means that i can aid bring greater unity to mine family and also to mine church? aid me to understand and become more united v your plan and also to help Your kingdom grow. I need more of You, God and also less of me.