From metric measurements for native that start with K we use the prefix kilo. There space thermometers that use the Kelvin range to review temperatures compared to a hypothetical absolute zero. 

I was surprised to find how plenty of mathematical words start with the letter K. Even the nautical term node is in this quick list.

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Math native That start With K: publish the Math dictionary for your math resource center.

List Of math Words That begin With K

Kelvin - a scale offered on part thermometers to measure temperature.

Kilo - method “a thousand of.”

Kilobyte - 1000 bytes a unit the measurement for data top top computers. Kilo way a thousands of.

Kilogram - 1000 grams. The is the load of a special platinum pole in Paris that is offered as the standard unit of measure for the metric system. A kilogram is about 2.2 pounds.

Kilometer - 1000 meters (a unit come measure length in the metric system). A kilometre is about 3280 feet. Kilo way “a thousand of.”

Kilowatt - 1000 watts and also is a unit of measure for electrical power. Kilo method “a thousand of.”

Kinematics - a branch the mechanics handling the motion of rigid body without recommendation to your masses or the forces acting top top the bodies.

Kite - a quadrilateral that has actually two sets of surrounding sides that are the exact same length and one set of opposites angles that are congruent.

Klein Bottle - a special bottle that only has one side. Many bottles have an inside and an outside. In a Klein bottle, the “inside” and also the “outside” space the exact same side!

Knight’s Tour - a knight’s tourism of a chessboard is a sequence of moves by a knight such that each square that the plank is visited precisely once.

Knot - a curve in room formed through interlacing a item of string and then joining the ends together; a unit of speed in navigating equal to one nautical mile every hour. 

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