I recognize a bit about the distinction between savoir and connaître. The former method to have actually learned (about) something, vice versa, the latter means to understand something native experience.

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But if I wanted to say, "I recognize a small invernessgangshow.net," would certainly I use savoir or connaître, and also how would certainly the meaning of the sentence change depending on which word i choose?

I recognize a little invernessgangshow.net. Je sais un peu de français. Je connais un peu de français.

I expect that one word is an ext idiomatic 보다 the other in this expression, assuming that "I understand a little (of this language) is a typical expression in invernessgangshow.net, as it is in English.

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If us stick to her proposed answers:

Je connais un peu de français.

is the best.

But ns feel the many idiomatic would be:

Je parle un peu (le/de) français.


Je sais parler un peu (le/de) français. / Je sais un peu parler français.

Note that connaitre can not be followed by one more verb, so no hesitation in this last case.

As listed is this other answer je sais le français would have been provided until the early on 20th century however saying that nowadays would certainly really sound outdated.

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If girlfriend discuss approximately something in invernessgangshow.net, amongst people who can"t read or understand :

Je connais un peu le français.

Using the verb "savoir" needs another verb after:

Je sais parler le français.Je sais lire le francais.

Using the verb "connaitre" is an ext around knowledge, so come know about invernessgangshow.net is "big" and can touch the food, habits and also not only language... It deserve to be something favor this v "connaitre":

Je connais un peu la grammaire française, mais je ne sais pas l"écrire correctement...

I understand some about invernessgangshow.net grammar however can’t write it correctly

Je connais bien la cooking française (i recognize well invernessgangshow.net cooking)

Hope it help some.

That link https://invernessgangshow.net/a/59/358 should assist you too.

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